Pete Buttigieg is totally un-electable!

Buttigieg is Hillary all over again. Total concubine sell out politics- really traitorous policies and puppet ideas while peddling identity or social gloss nonsense while people are under economic and political oppression and this guy is a hysterical identity trolling prop. A sell out on taxes and health care and makes incredibly stupid and sarcastic remarks but now people are supposed to believe this clown is the Iowa ‘front runner.’ Its amazing, lets come up with a candidate so weak even Trump could win via the electoral college just like last time despite the 4 greatest popular defeat in history to about the weakest most sell out candidate.

Looks like Tony Blair too with same fake total sell out oppressor politics- can’t afford anything that isn’t oppression

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Agreed. That dude is just a parroting shill that is obsessed with becoming another career politician and I think his story and background are just fodder to appeal to hyper liberal people. I’m pretty damn lefty in my own way but my point is it’s used as a grooming tool more than it is actually substantive. So far he’s just copying the greatest hits of the other candidates. Another all talk no action candidate imo.

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Can’t think of a more detestable face.


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Is that Wally George the archeo-Trump?

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I bet even Wally would cringe at Drumpf :joy:

How good is it.

It seems to me he is mainly “building a wall” around himself. Hopefully for him that hospital visit of this weekend was not for something too serious.

Lol. Yang Is a ballsy little c*nt I’ll give him that basically offering people free money and something about the Terminator.


Unless they kill him, my money is on Trump just like it was three years ago when I won $300. Although his odds are officially better at the bookies this time. We’ll see what happens. This timeline sure is a strange one.

I don’t think he will get through the EC this time. He got selected last time, although he clearly didn’t want it from the look on his face- telling us he won’t contest this. He was selected last time because she cheated in the primary and was super weak and her experience just show how much she sucked and moronically she was a President’s spouse so her running was beyond wrong. But they (ec) also surely preferred his tax policy because they are still sell outs but they also have an interest in power changing hands and can’t override the populist vote for the GOP 3x in a row. These sell outs, many of them DINOs will have to reject him this time also because he will be impeached for having cheated in the the coming election while in office and the total GOP idiots in the senate (that is what they are traitors to humanity) will have convicted themselves OJ style in the court of public opinion with their blind alliegence trying to acquit a white supremicist
authoritarian liar who cheated 2x in elections involving himself and who puts Russia and his own wealth (Turkey incident) before the American people and nation- those are the optics- the GOP is being impeached anf rightfully so because its made of a bunch of supremely moronic sell out oppressors. The separating of the families and his having cheated in last election, the conviction of so many around him, (his tax evasion which will be released or will leak) his bribery, his profiting from office and his violation of the spoils and nepotism rules will sink him.

But lets say by some miracle he manages to claim he was re-elected- that bs about not being able to prosecute a sitting criminal won’t hold and I think Sanders and Warren and some others including strangely people like Romney and Bolton will say he is illegitimate and needs to be removed as soon as humanly possible. But what ever happens what should have happened to Nixon needs to happen in his case and he should get sentenced and have to serve out his term to stop the people from being subjected to more dynastic oppressor idiocracy. He will try to pardon, hopefully that bit of self reinforcing corruption is blocked. Its not his rights that matter here its ours. We have to reset the example so corrupt or puppeted people can’t get in.

We can’t play around with idiot royalists and monarchists, couldn’t do it before can’t do it now with existential tech. Putting an idiot on a throne or making someone into one by means of a throne is not a revolution its everyone being born ransomed and held hostage for the sake of a paranoid homicidal psychpathic moron. We’ve seen the movie too many times.


I Don’t think that much about it TBH. Half the time it’s just a piss take. I Like trump cos he’s just so out there he makes a mockery of it all including himself, everybodys shit stinks and at the end we’re just some monkeys on a rock floating in space not even sure if we’re a figment of our own imaginations.

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