Persuading my company to test on SAFENetwork

Generally speaking, websites provide a lot of business data to companies.
Popular products, pages, general analytics etc…

Will it cost users to submit forms? I think so.
If we do persuade users to share their browsing habits on one website, will it
cost them to submit page accessed data?
If there is a cost to submitting page accessed data, could we pay that for the visitor
from a pool of puts?

A website needs to show value to subscribers for example.
A large part of what we do involves reporting the return on an investment.

Any good ideas on how this can be implemented on the SAFENetwork?
I’m expecting a large part of it would depend heavily on user consent.


The SAFENetwork would solve a lot of other business problems, service stability,
performance under load, reduced backing up complexity, data security, user login security, minimize effort on protecting data breaches, access from around the world.

I could migrate across some websites in some form, and they would work great…
but if i’m not gathering any information, that could put an obstacle in the way
if I can’t show they are being used. :frowning:


All the same stuff the current web does should be possible except users will have to opt in when your app asks for permissions. Right now PUSH notifications aren’t enabled on the network so apps have to poll. Other than that it’s pretty similar besides as tracking and fingerprinting. Analytics will still be a huge tool for SAFE and especially the ones for BIG DATA that use privacy technologies that keep user data private. In your case it sounds like it’s be more simple than that. Someone else could probably answer this question much better than myself but thought I’d take a jab.


Built in GDPR. :grinning:

If the examples being worked on for the new website could include code for businesses that would help adoption massively.

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A mechanism to do just this was discussed at devcon. I can’t remember the exact details, but it was a bit like a smart contract IIRC.

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Offsetting other costs such as hosting data, Security… Etc… Paying for your customers puts I think is an acceptable cost fo for a legit business to pony up.