Persistent trolling

We know who they are, they have no interest in moving forward constructively, they simply waste our time and attempt to sow fear uncertainty and doubt. Who knows what their motives are and who really cares? They all have their own personal shortcomings that the seek to assuage or share with the rest of us.

The mods have bent over backwards to be fair and accommodating and their forbearance has been taken advantage of in the most cynical fashion.

Perhaps it is time for the community to speak now and recommend a course of action to the mods.

I will not name names, to do so would be seen as giving some sort of legitimacy to the inadequates, Regular visitors here are all too aware of who is being referred to here.

Please vote below, I’ll leave this up till the weekend.

  • permanent ban
  • one month ban
  • one month ban, permanent for repeat offences
  • ban until release of Maxwell
  • it doesnt bother me -do nothing

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"Exterminate all the brutes."
- Kurtz

Steady on, old chap… He’s only a troll not a conservative.

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Have you read “Heart of darkness”? I read it twice and really tried to like it, but I can’t help liking the movie “Apocalypse now” better. Maybe I should read it a third time.

No I had to Google Kurtz - I’m reading a synopsis now. It seems to me that this is dangerously close to literature, something I generally try to avoid.
Although Terry Pratchett was once accused of literature, he was acquitted on a technicality. Which was nice.

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I liked Apocalypse Now, but then I’d like anything that had the Doors in it

It isn’t a great read, but worth reading as I think it was the first novel as such. Also an insight into the attitudes and situation of the time. I only read it once!

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Apocalypse now, and the Doors, is great, but it absolutely has to be seen as the Redux version. Now I notice there is a new Final cut version in 4K from last year. That sounds awesome too.

Thank you for that! I’ve been feeling lonely and stupid for years.

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See thats the thing about “literature”, a whole load of folk pontificate on what is “quality” and what is not and if you happen to disagree with them they have this way of making you feel small.
While all the time, all these literary critics would be utterly lost if you put a screwdriver or some other actually useful tool in their hands.

Literary critics, telephone sanitizers, who needs 'em!


I was mostly joking, but not so much about “lonely”. I think the solution is to listen less to “a whole load of folk”, but read more literature. Unfortunately I’m a slow reader.

I had to google “telephone sanitizer” as I’ve never read Adams.

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I had to resist the urge to make you feel stupid for that :slight_smile:
But then some poor sods have never read Carl Hiassen either

I never even heard of the guy, so I guess you got me. Wanna recommend something? But like I said, I’m a slow reader and I do have to make an effort. I tried reading “Failed states” by Chomsky, but I got frustrated and stopped. He was so meticulous and so correct it was infuriating. I should probably make another effort. By the way, this is a good site:

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THis is for recreation, not for deep literary introspection

Bad Monkey, Striptease, and Sick Puppy all come highly recommended.
This is the guy who inspired Christopher Brookmyre and it shows especially in Brookmyre’s earlier stuff.
Of course it helps to like crime fiction and social realism with a large dollop of humour, sometimes verging on slapstick to get into Brookmyre.

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My opinion is to keep discussion as much possible focused on topic and even negative questions (as most of us feel it) related to the topic should stay there and be answered with quality and valid reply.

Any newcomers may have doubts about the project (which will not even write any question) and good answers can help them to see true about this project.


I’m with you on most of that. My beef is with those who are ONLY asking negative Qs.

N00bs seeking clarification by asking a few negative questions is perfectly cool.

The other problem is that the same questions are repeated by the same person, including in the same thread, even after they have been answered a few posts earlier. Node aging is an example, answered by David, but still being pursued days later.

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Than repeat an answer and ask why he is asking again. Once it goes offtopic than move posts to troll history topic or just hide.

There is not good solution, only from little to more bad I guess.

Not all questions or posts deserve a reply. The best remedy against trolls is NOT FEEDING THEM. The same goes for insults. IGNORE them. When people can’t control themselves and start replying unnecessarily or feeding trolls, moderators may have to step in and move posts around. But this really shouldn’t be necessary work on a civilized forum. Ideally I’d like my job to be just that of a janitor, i.e. removing scam links and junk ads, not policing people so no one gets hurt. “Sticks and stones”, guys. Stay on Topic, don’t Feed and Ignore.


Clearly purposeful trouble making and trolling for a reaction.
It’s so obvious, and does not deserve the softy softy approach.

I’d smack the hammer down with a perm ban.

What about a geometric ban.

First ban - start with 2 week.
Second ban - 4 weeks.
Third ban - 8 weeks.


is there a plugin for these forums?

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