People follow data... bring data to SAFE early, pre-launch. Lets put Wikipedia out of its misery. ;)

For example, Wikipedia, is always begging for cash - it is a useful website, but how many of us have contributed?
I’d donate a few SAFE coins to give Wikipedia space for life.

What about contacting websites like Wikipedia, organisations that provide a wealth of data for the public running at almost charitable levels. Then, help these websites migrate to SAFE for free before or just after SAFE network launch.


etc… should make sure they get a name close to their original.

Advantages. 1) Reduce running costs to these organisations, who says no to reducing running costs?
2) It would also be in the interest of these organisation to advertise the SAFE software to browse their
new sites. With their user bases, I think SAFE can grow fast.

I only see WIN-WIN in the situation above.

What do you think? Anyone got a hotline to Wikipedia?

Edit: Then, on the safe browser homepage add links to these sites, in the same way chrome, safari etc… do.

Edit: The future. Quick and dirty mockup for people already on the SAFE network.



It’s the wiki side of Wikipedia that is harder to convert to Safe. They could use Safe as their back-end but that’s not a small project either. Not saying it won’t happen but its not just a copy-paste.

On the other hand, Safe itself has the potential to become a giant wiki engine. So we’ll get there for sure.


FYI: there was a short discussion of this in 2015:

And @loureirorg has a side project on this, but as we know is too busy for now to progress this or update safe-vfs:


Ah!!! Wow. Sorry. I didn’t know about that topic.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

@loureirorg great idea. :wink:


A side project works for getting a proof of concept running, but getting the full Wikipedia production ready and feature complete would be a bit more work. There’s some open source Javascript libraries for parsing wiki syntax that could be used if they’re good enough, so the reading part should probably be the easiest. Then there’s implementing a search engine for SAFE, that would be useful for many other projects too, not just Wikipedia. The editing experience would need to be made from scratch to work with SAFE rather than SQL.

It would definitely be a worthwhile project though. Once it’s done, any wiki could easily be ported over to SAFE and it would make it easy for people to set up their own wikis without hosting somewhere like wikia.

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