Pdc will be delisted from bittrex on march 23


Great news for PDC holders…


Yeh, great news. I’m already 1 bitcoin down from ICO


@Seneca what’s next? What’s your plan?

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It is… especially for opportunistic holders :slight_smile:

Remind me what PDC is?


Anyone know where gonna be possible to trade with PDC after removing from bittrex?

There are still no other places yo trade

Hi Folks,

I’ve have some PDC still on Bittrex. I’d like to get it into a cold wallet somewhere.

I don’t have a trust level high enough to get an invite token.

With that in mind, what are my options for moving the PDC token off Bittrex into long-term storage?


First is to get access to them. You may need to fight bittrex support for that

  • Are you able to access those tokens?
  • If so then create a BTC address (starting with a “1”)
  • safely store the private key
  • withdraw them from bittrex into that address
  • done

To move them then

  • import private key for the address into omniwallet.org wallet
  • send a little BTC to that same address as the PDC is in
  • send the PDC to whereever you want. It requires the BTC for fees.
  • done

Can Omni Core Qt be used to create the address/private key?

Yes and used to send PDC. It is an omni asset.

Suggest the address created start with a “1” and not “3” as some had troubles with addresses starting with a “3”

Note that PDC has been converted to an ETH token.

Only if desired.

I didn’t and will wait till decorum launches and directly convert to the coin on the SAFE network.

In any case @963 will need to send the PDC off bittrex to a BTC address first.


So now that there’s no more market for PDC, which means no possibility of pump and dump schemes etc, can we please have an update regarding where the project is, where it’s going etc ?

I think this is the main thread.

Maybe better asking in there.