PDC listed on UniSwap / 1inch.exchange!

I dont know much about uniswap to be fair, but, afaik, buying the bulk available on the liquidity pool gives you apx 50% discount.

I posted in I believe the other coins price and trading thread where someone was using that to make good money.

I’ll look for my post and link to it.

Heres the original article.

Like I said I don’t know much about uniswap, but doesn’t the coin you buy get cheaper if you empty the liquidity there / buy all available?

Similar problem seems discussed here.

No, the opposite.

It doesn’t work that way. Open this link and enter different numbers. You will see that the price changes UP not DOWN. (See the ‘Price Impact’)

OK ta, I looked at this and maybe misunderstood.

  • At 10% sale of all available others coins (1k) the Expected price slippage will be 9.03% or 1 MAID = 0.000341 ETH = 0.00000926 BTC
  • At 50% sale of all available others coins (5k) the Expected price slippage will be 33.16% or 1 MAID = 0.00025 ETH = 0.00000678 BTC
  • At 100% sale of all available others coins (10k) the Expected price slippage will be 49.77% or 1 MAID = 0.000188 ETH = 0.00000511 BTC
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Yes, this is if you sell MAID in the pool. The MAID price in the pool will fall. The price can never reach 0, so I’ve described how we can create a floor. (on a centralized exchange you can empty the order book for buying or selling, in UniSwap you can’t, because the price changes up or down according to a certain formula)

For example, if we create a pool with 100$ and someone buys Maid for 50$, the price will go up by 50%, and they will only buy 50% of the available Maid. If they buy for another $ 50, they will buy 50% of the available Maid (25% of the original), etc. But they can never buy all the Maid from the pool…

Exactly, 1:1 Omni Maid to ERC20 Maid, you can see how much ERC20 is in circulation and to make everything as transparent as possible see how much Omni MAID is locked-up (which should always be 1:1) on the BTC Address. If you would go to Omni Explorer and check the Omni MAID in there should correspond to the ERC20 in circulation.


How do you find PDC on Uniswap? It doesn’t come up when I search for it.

Look at the first post in this thread.



Apart from copying and pasting the address of the PDC smart contract, you must be in version 1 of UniSwap, in version 2 there is no liquidity: UniSwap Version 1


I was just looking at the pool.
Currently 23k pdc and 1.99 eth.
Are those 2 sums balanced?

Is 23k pdc currently “valued” at 1.99 eth?


It doesn’t work that way. If you sell 23000 PDC you will get 0.99 ETH (and there will remain 46k PDC and 1 ETH in the pool) If you buy for 1.99 ETH you will get 11573 PDC (and there will remain 11427 PDC and 3,98 ETH in the pool):

Screenshot_2020-12-16_01-43-11 Screenshot_2020-12-16_01-42-50

The price at the moment is 1 PDC = 0.0000856393 ETH, but at this price you can buy only 1 PDC, then the price starts to rise.


Yes, i get that.
Thanks for answer.
So @ current value, 23000 x .0000856393 = 1.96 eth.

I appreciate the price would move.
Just seems priced higher than I was expecting.
Just over 5c each currently.
I guess its a fair price after a 4.5 year hodl.

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You can use 1inch.exchange for limit buy/sell orders:

  • Copy and Paste the PDC contract address in Add Custom Token - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506


  • Go to Limit. Enter the PDC amount you want to Sell (for Buy click on both arrows) in You Pay

  • You will only be charged ETH for the transaction if your order is fulfilled or if you want to cancel an order. :dragon:
  • it costs a little gas to unlock the token.
  • If you want to use ETH, turn it into WETH first, (It’s a 1:1 conversion) you’ll save 18.4% on fees! This works because internally all ETH is wrapped or unwrapped to WETH inside UniSwap.
  • You can cut the gas cost by up to 42% by clicking the menu top right, then the dragon (CHI) top left. Costs a little to activate. You have to buy some CHI when gas prices are 2x lower than when you use it in order for it to be cheaper. To monitor when the gas price is low, use this Telegram bot @GasPriceTRackerBot. The command to set the notification is /level and number (for example, if you want to buy CHI when the gas is under 30 gwei, put /level 30):

Having just recently sold 450k of PDC for 0.4BTC (ish, I think, but with btc down before this boom to new ATHs) to a community member on here I’d be more than a bit gutted to see people getting back their BTC equiv investment, but good luck to them I guess, my fault for assuming we’d only ever see some of the fiat value back in a refund situation, not a BTC equivalence or near to it.

I still have 50k left, so I’d not vote against it ofc ;), but after waiting for all these years and having no BTC at all left myself at this point it would hurt. Still, anything back would be something back, I think I stuck 10-20 BTC into it back in the ico lol, how times have changed.

All said and done though, getting back a bit of a bitcoin would be something and I’d be very happy to see anything at all at this point.

EDIT: I had no idea Harmen still held over 500BTC btw, I wish that had been more public knowledge and I would have priced my sale more appropriately at % of that holding. You guys really ought to have been more vocal about the situation. C’est la vie I guess. /shrug


There is $6000 in liquidity in the pool if someone wants to sell:



I don’t have any BTC or ETH even for fees to move the 50k PDC atm lol.

50K PDC will net you about 0.01 ETH or something tho… :roll_eyes:

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With the introduction of EIP1559 Ethereum looks at the title of Bitcoin, I will not be surprised if 0.01 eth is not as small as it seems at the moment after a year or two :wink:

I would gladly give you 0.01eth for 50k pdc.


I’m a pretty experienced Uniswap trader and I honestly don’t know where I previously was looking at. Wtf? I used the correct contact address before. Checked it again and got the same as you… 2.94 ETH… All right… good :slight_smile:

Used 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506 this time

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