PDC listed on UniSwap / 1inch.exchange!

I’ll add some liquidity if the emoji is removed.

we need to talk to the creators of UniSwap for that… Or we can buy a domain to redirect to the contract - www.PdcSwap.win for example…

there is some liquidity, someone has added…


Good news, friend! There are already order / offer books for UniSwap! See here: https://uniswapex.io/order

It is very easy to use.

How to submit BUY order for PDC

  1. Copy and Paste the PDC contract address in Output - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506




  1. Enter the ETH amount you want to spend in Input


  1. Enter the ETH price you want to buy PDC in Rate


  1. Or Enter the PDC amount you want to buy in Output and the exchange rate will be calculated automatically

How to submit SELL order for PDC

  1. Same as buying, but you put the PDC contract address in Input - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506


@Seneca please see the development here :dragon: :heart: :dragon:


So how do I see the order book?

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You open the link but there are no orders at this time… :smiley:

EDIT: I’m sorry I lied to you, it looks like you can only see your own orders. I posted a new order and it is not visible to another wallet…



Now is quite cheap to buy PDC and test how UniSwap works :wink:


If anyone wants to buy any PDC then let me know. I hold quite a big bag and could do with some extra money atm. I’d be willing to sell any amount up to 500k, so if anyone wants a big bag at a reasonable price then I can help them out.


If anyone needs Escrow services, I can offer mine for free :dragon:


Very kind offer and I’ll take you up on it if it’s anyone I don’t know, but I’d guess any of the old guard on this forum are the most likely ones to want to buy and I’d trust the honesty and good faith of the people I know on here, so it probably won’t be necessary.

I wish you success with the sale :dragon:

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Unfortunately, I might also be looking to sell. Can’t see any light on this one.

What’s wrong? If you don’t need cash, of course. We are close to a working network …

An update or two wouldn’t go amiss.

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If you really want to sell I would buy for $ 100-200 to give away in the meme game. PM me


Oh I think I can see some light. Harmen has a decent wedge of the ico money left and he’s a shrewd/honest guy. He said he’d either refund what’s left or pursue the same idea/project on another platform if SAFE were to fail and die at some point, so I’d say it’s a better hold than a lot of other projects out there.

If I really thought the project was dead I wouldn’t insult anyone by offering to sell. I’m not trying to sell the safe-fs or seeds lol :wink: I’d give all of those away for free at this point.

I do need the cash atm so I don’t really have the luxury of waiting myself. Others who have played their hands better might still have a lot of BTC and be happy to take advantage of an offer to buy at 1/10th the BTC price I paid at ico, just for the value of the punt, if not for conviction about the project. :wink:


Several people have taken advantage of PDC in UniSwap - some has added liquidity, some has traded. Each of you has 400 Uni, which is about $ 2,000 free money at today’s price. Congratulations!



Maybe worth mentioning that they will continue to drop more for users of uniswap.

Not exactly to the users. You need to be a liquidity provider in certain pairs for the next 2 months. Then there will be a vote for new pairs.

In any case, UniSwap is already the largest decentralized exchange in the world and it is very sad to me that there is so little support from our community. One has to ask whether he really supports decentralization if he supports only 1 decentralized project…

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Ah, ok, ta.
Was reading here.

I have only just got up though.