PDC listed on UniSwap / 1inch.exchange!

Hey friends,

today is a magical day for all who love Project Decorum :dragon:

After an incredible 5 minutes I was able to add it to UniSwap. If you don’t know what UniSwap is, it’s something very magical :mage: UniSwap is new modern DEX where anyone can add liquidity, there are no book for orders and sales, no KYC and it is very easy to use!

See how cool it is here:

Pool info: Pools | Find the best liquidity pools

How to submit limit BUY/SELL order for PDC in 1inch.exchange:

  • Copy and Paste the PDC contract address in Add Custom Token - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506


  • Go to Limit. Enter the PDC amount you want to Sell (for Buy click on both arrows) in You Pay

  • You will only be charged ETH for the transaction if your order is fulfilled or if you want to cancel an order. :dragon:
  • it costs a little gas to unlock the token.
  • If you want to use ETH, turn it into WETH first, (It’s a 1:1 conversion) you’ll save 18.4% on fees! This works because internally all ETH is wrapped or unwrapped to WETH inside UniSwap.
  • You can cut the gas cost by up to 42% by clicking the menu top right, then the dragon (CHI) top left. Costs a little to activate. You have to buy some CHI when gas prices are 2x lower than when you use it in order for it to be cheaper. To monitor when the gas price is low, use this Telegram bot @GasPriceTRackerBot. The command to set the notification is /level and number (for example, if you want to buy CHI when the gas is under 30 gwei, put /level 30):

How to submit BUY order for PDC in https://uniswapex.io/order

  1. Copy and Paste the PDC contract address in Output - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506




  1. Enter the ETH amount you want to spend in Input


  1. Enter the ETH price you want to buy PDC in Rate


  1. Or Enter the PDC amount you want to buy in Output and the exchange rate will be calculated automatically

How to submit SELL order for PDC in https://uniswapex.io/order

  1. Same as buying, but you put the PDC contract address in Input - 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506



Let’s see how cool UniSwap is with this little explanation :dragon:

UniSwap is a smart contract on the Ethereum network. The keys are yours. No KYC. It is onchain. It is trustless. This is the right way. The crypto was invented to REMOVE counterparties, not add them…

With UniSwap you can:

  • Join the liquidity pool to collect fees on the ETH-PDC pair

  • Trade ETH for PDC and PDC for ETH without wrapping

  • Trade any ERC20 for PDC in a single transaction

  • Trade and transfer to a different address in a single transaction

  • Trade on the lowest gas cost of any decentralized exchange

  • Buy PDC tokens from any wallet using ENS

So UniSwap IS public utility. There is NO counterparties who get enriched. IF you add liquidity You are the exchange, you TAKE all the fees.


How to join the liquidity pool for ETH-PDC. First you should have ETH and PDC. In the example I use MetaMask chrome extension and Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

How to leave the liquidity pool for ETH-PDC


Looks interesting, I would say that their are counterparties gaining, just not in the old style exchange way.
You need to use gas, which costs, and enriches the miners.

Edit I’m really not keen on no order / offer books though.

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You’re right about the day traders is not very good option… But it’s better for the end user. It’s better for the liquidity providers too - You have 1 transaction to send money in the pool. Then you can come back in 1 year to take the profit and pay only 1 transaction. You are not engaged daily, everything is automated…

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You can try with UniSwap. You can’t lose everything there because the price goes up and down depending on the demand.

For example ETH for PDC:

  • 0,001 ETH = 9,6783 PDC
  • 0.01 ETH = 88,9571 PDC
  • 0.1 ETH = 491,8575 PDC
  • 1 ETH = 899,051 PDC

For example PDC for ETH:

  • 1 PDC = 0.0001 ETH
  • 10 PDC = 0.001 ETH
  • 100 PDC = 0.0092 ETH
  • 1000 PDC = 0.0506 ETH
  • 10000 PDC = 0.0918 ETH

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Interesting looking system, but I’d rather use an exchange where I can see the order books and place buy / sell orders at various prices etc.

I’m pretty sure I could still lose almost everything on UniSwap - by selling low & buying high!

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I would say, that from Uniswap you can not profit from things like, when your market order is taken at really low price, while the price recover immediately. And the second difference is, that you do not see market depth or actual volume.
But for quick buys it looks very easy.


you can actually see all this, see here uniswap.info (obviously there is no statistic for PDC yet there must be minimal trading for it to appear)

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So your question became interesting to me and I decided to check it out with the following simulation:

  • We have an old exchange and UniSwap
  • The starting price of PDC on both exchanges is the same: 1 PCD = 0.0001 ETH
  • A trader wants to buy 1000 PDC for 0,05 ETH - ie price which is twice as low compared to the current one (we simulate a price crash) and for this he places an order on the old exchange the old way, like the good old days when he was giving his money to an counterparties
  • How much of a bad deal he’ll get at UniSwap if he does the same?

Old exchange VS UniSwap

Sell Order/Price Sum old exchange Sum UniSwap
1/0,0001 0 0,0001
10/0,0001 0 0,001
100/0,000092 0 0,0092
1000/0,00005 0,05 0,0506

If I calculate correctly in UniSwap the trader will miss 1,2% profit BUT in UniSwap he will take the whole movement down at a price of 0,0001/0,0001/0,000092 ETH so if you are not the best trader it seems that you are better off making more money on equal terms in UniSwap (If I calculate correctly and my logic is correct) :monkey:

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Hey @Seneca,

can you show some love :heart: for Project Decorum on UniSwap too, by adding some liquidity there as well? :rocket:

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I was asked why I added PDC now to UniSwap after anyone could have added it earlier. I don’t want to sell my PDC. Obviously no one else wanted to sell, otherwise they would add it before me (it is not complicated and takes less than 5 minutes)

Then why?

We have a very bad history with the exchanges:

  • MasterXchange - closed, how much MAID remained there? Unknown (do you remember that we paid them 150 MAID withdraw fee?)
  • Cryptopia - hacked, how much MAID was stolen there? Unknown (I lost “only” a few thousand…)
  • Bitker - stole MAID from the MaidSafe company, how much? Unknown
  • Poloniex - delist MAID, how much MAID remained there? Over 10 000 000 MAID! (and let’s not forget before that they changed the fees from 10 MAID to 80 MAID!)

The normal thing, the responsible thing is that we as a community support and use DEXs. It’s anonymous. It’s cheaper. It’s safer. That’s the SAFE way!

Therefore, I urge the community not to allow the same thing to happen again. Even if an exchange is controlled by good people at the moment, let us not forget that exchanges are business first and not public utilities. If the business is successful, bigger business comes and buys it. If the business is not successful, they close and not everyone manages to pull their money back. Even if the fees are low today, tomorrow they may be higher.

Let’s not allow power to be concentrated in one place! We have an alternative. It is not 2014 anymore… DeFi is here! #safePDC #BeTheExchange #UniSwapPDC

So UniSwap IS public utility. There is NO counterparties who get enriched. IF you add liquidity You are the exchange, you TAKE all the fees.

UniSwap can NOT:

  • be closed
  • be hacked
  • stole your PDC
  • delist PDC

Great news. Do you perhaps have a link to the trading pair?


Yes, see the first link in the thread. It takes a while to load and show because it pulls out blockchain information…


And is not just 1 trading pair!

You can exchange any ERC20 token for PDC and PDC for any ERC20!

For example, if you have Storj you can exchange it for PDC directly :dragon:


Ah thanks. This topic didn’t load fully, so I missed the initial post with the trading link. Very nice to see PDC is getting added to exchanges.

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A friendly reminder to everyone that UniSwap supports wBTC if you want to trade BTC-PDC :dragon:


Information about the ETH-PDC pool:

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Why did you use an emoji before PDC?

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it’s from UniSwap, I guess the idea is to be careful or in its place there must be a logo…

Is there a way for you to remove the emoji to make the asset searchable within uniswap?

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