Pay to store data then delete that data later.....what happens to the space?

Hi All,
I was thinking… what happens If I spend some of my safecoins to store a lot of data, then a few weeks later I delete that data. What happens to the space I have freed up, is it left there for me to use again at no cost or do I get the coins back?. I was thinking about this as if I want to rent out my space and that rental comes to an end then I don’t want to loose the space or coins when I delete the data.

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As far as I know that space is lost permanently.

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hmmm, so you have to be certain you want to keep that data for a long time and not large amounts of temp data that you don’t want after a few months…


The moment you PUT data online, the farmers will be working for you, hence the payment.
Of course there’s no clear distinction (or reward) broken down by specific actions (network upload, storage, power, etc.), so you could say maybe it would be “right” that you can refund part of your coins roughly proportional to the cost of storage you’d free up, but it’s not possible. You pay for the PUT action and that is a lump sum that covers everything.

“If you like your data, you can keep your data”. :blush:

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