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A network is needed to offer the suite.
The only way to have a healthy adoption by farmers will be to have a competitive rate of farming.

As I said, the SafeNetwork technology is lights years ahead to what others are offering. But in the end, the farmers will seek the most efficient way of lending their resources.
If an inferior crappy competing project ends up offering more money for farming their coin for example, farmers will probably switch over to the network is offering more $ for their time and energy.

Before I’ve only seen analysis about farming economics with the tacit premise of the SafeNetwork being the only player in the game, which was true for a decade.

But now having other projects competing for the same resources (as storage/CPU/etc), the rate of farming and its market cap becomes important variables to consider.

For example, it is analogous to the multiminers and profit switching miners that automatically switches the mining algorithm based on the most profitable crypto.
Regardless of how technically solid the underlying asset is, the miners wants to optimize their GPU time.

The future dedicated farmers will also want to optimize their shared resources to the project that pays them more, regardless of the quality of the project.