Parsec vs Radix Tempo

Good day everyone, I am not an usual writer in the forum but I follow the project closely and its my favorite crypto.

The development of PARSEC brought me great joy, but the vulnerability of the early network keeps bugging me and I think its healthy to be paranoid when it comes to the security of a public network, that is why I want to share with the forum the last news in consensus protocols. Just in case there may be some valuable ideas that could be used in Safe.

This is Radix, they worked for 5 years, no big ICO no big marketing, just honest hard work.

Honestly i dont understand the whitepaper, but it adds many novel concepts and is a quite original approach to consensus. Right now the test network is doing over 2k tx/s and increasing.

I would love to hear the opinion of knowledgeable people. is the whitepaper for the technically inclined.

Thank you

In related projects where it seems best for this, it is not brought to the immediate attention of some who might wish to see it. So I’ll ping a couple to bring it to their attention @dirvine @pierrechevalier83 @dugcampbell and they might know about it already or get those who might need to see it to see it.

This assumes of course that it will be useful for Maidsafe and the SAFE network.


Looks like @dirvine has seen it:


Thankyou @JBishop, I had forgotten that topic.

Might be best if people comment there.

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