Parsec is a physics thing, should we rename our parsec?

parsec is somthing in physics

maybe we should change a bit the name?

I just searched what is parsec and I got that wiki article about a physics measure of distance? if I am not mistaken

It was deliberate to call it PARSEC rather than something similar


what do you mean? its related to the physics distance unit?

Like alpha 3 is called “Fleming”, names are chosen for recognition and PARSEC stands for “Protocol for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient Consensus” and that was obviously tailored so it could come out as PARSEC. See the PARSEC announcement


Neo just beat me to it, but PARSEC in the SAFE context stands for Protocol for Asynchronous Reliable Secure & Efficient Consensus. It’s fortunate that the acronym actually spells a word because that makes it easier to remember. Better still, the acronym spells a word relevant to STEM and that connotes reaching lengths that no one has ever achieved before.


yeah but cant it be changed a bit so it does have the same name with a physics unit of distance?

What is the problem???

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Associations play an important role in how we perceive things, so the searched effect here is to connect the name of the protocol to the feeling of something big, alien and important…

Because the record behind the protocol is just that … a huge step for the whole project…


ya I agree look at the cosmos blockchain with its token “atoms” for example. Its all good in the crypto hood to borrow words from physics!


I think that PARSEC is good to delivery meanings.

And let’s think about it.

99.99% people didnt know what is TCP/IP protocol. But they use Internet.

It is same. 99.99% people will never know what is PARSEC but they use safenet.

Personally, fancy techical marketing for general people is not needed for maidsafe. :grinning:

Attracting general people is the mission for the 3th party application dev teams.

P.S. Many blockchain teams have to do marketing their technology but Linux never do that. :grinning:


ok I think the topic was anwsered, someone should lock it!!! thanks for the answers!!! love this comminity!