Paradigm Shifts for the Decentralized Web

I really liked this article about designing apps for the decentralized web. It talks about how when users own their data, there’s a decoupling of apps and data, and apps become views of user data. Apps become interchangable interfaces to the data, and the way apps declare data dependencies will change, because you’re working with a shared data silo instead of a custom backend. The author says it better than I can.

The article talks about the convergence of silo web APIs and not data modeling, but the article got me thinking about shared models. Has there been much discussion in the SAFE community about shared data models between apps? It seems like apps willing to participate in a shared set of data models would have an advantage in that apps could add functionality more easily by providing views into data that may have been generated by another app. There could even be open source packages for the purpose of interacting with various common data structures.

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