Pangea Delivers Data-Over-Voice Infrastructure

This Pangea Data-Over-Voice Infrastructure would be great for the SAFE Network.

Man, it’s 8 kilobytes per second. I highly doubt that’s gonna be enough for any kind of participation in the SAFE network. Farming would at least be entirely out of your reach.Maybe you could download public bulletins off of there, but then why do you need the SAFE network for that, I’m sure there are plenty of such services out there.
And I believe it isn’t true internet, so you couldn’t really implement the UDP packet stream that SAFE operates on. They’re calling it making a special call of 10 seconds, and then receiving the data. So I think what’s happening is it’s contacting a centralized server, asking it “Yo send me the 5 most popular tweets, I gotta get my kardashian game fam” and the server then goes to twitter, searches for most popular and gives a truncated specially formatted response back to the phone.

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I’m thinking more about using this to send family/friends SAFEcoins in a remote place. Since there are Bitcoin thin clients, I can’t see a reason why we wouldn’t have the same for SAFEcoins.

You can mint a SAFEcoin and send it to some one remote.
They could order stuff, send the minted SAFEcoin to the store
The store owner would claim the minted SAFECOIN and send the groceries

Drone delivery looks like the future for remote places so…