Pandora: $500 mln in artist royalties paid in 12 months

Internet radio service Pandora Media Inc said it paid nearly $500
million in artist royalties over the past 12 months, bringing the total
to more than $1.5 billion in about 10 years.

Not bad.
1/3rd of all payouts were collected in the last 1/10th of the time.

Now let’s wait for our local Dictator for Artist Royalties Mr. T. tell us how much should actually be paid in the next accounting period. Because he knows the best. :laughing:

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I have to wonder how much of that money went to the actual artists, and how much went to the leeches who own the artists.

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There’s a fair bit of analysis on that, but for single site to pay out hundreds of millions in royalties is not bad when compared with alternatives.
How much has tipping collected in 2015?

Uh huh. And what do you suggest, to pay no royalties, to declare contracts void, to jail the leeches, to guarantee basic income (sign me up, I will make single tone operas!) or something even smarter that I haven’t yet heard of?

Basic income wouldn’t be a bad step at all and would solve a lot of the issues with artists not being able to survive, but I know how much you hate the idea of helping people at the expense of billionaires.
Unfortunately in the current legal framework the leech/artist relationship is protected and I can’t think of a way to resolve that relationship without introducing draconian limitations to the right to make contracts.
It is what it is, hopefully the SAFE network will allow for easy tipping and that people actually adopt a culture of tipping for content they enjoy. Predicting the future is hard though, we’ll have to see how the rollout goes in reality before we can say whether or not living off of microtransactions will become a viable strategy.

I don’t think you properly understand the idea of basic income.
Another issue is that you believe that money would come from billionaires. No, it would not be enough. It would have to come from the middle class.

On top of all that, we’d get crappy music because the best artists would in your world end up as minimum wagers erhm, basic incomers.

So, not really understanding the economics of this, you are just blindly pushing for handouts.

Yes, please continue to tell me how it’s the middle class who own all the factories, all the mines, all the super markets, and all the banks.
Who do you think the middle class gets their income from? It’s from the damn billionaires who own EVERYTHING. We’re all fighting for the scraps left over by the plutocrats.

An interesting article: (1 of 1,000’s):

You’re completely deluded, but that’s because that’s exactly how the likes of Hillarly like you to be: power to the psychopaths, passion to the ignorant masses.

I don’t want to waste my time arguing with you, but here are some pointers for independent study:

But what’s the point, you wouldn’t be writing what you write if you had a clue…