No, just got a very low tolerance threshold for racial supremacists, especially those who should know better.
Perhaps you should ask the member of the self -declared chosen tribe if it is himself who has been drinking? That post was an object lesson in arrogance, entitlement and utter lack of self-awareness.

I’m not Jewish by the way, not that it should make any difference.

One can’t have an intellectual argument with just any random object. If you want me to entertain you, pay me.

EDIT: But there may be persecuted people on this forum, ones for whom the Safe network is actually being built. And I’m not going to let them feel alone by just staying quiet indefinitely.
I hear you, whoever you are!

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I’ve avoided this thread, but it is sad to see a complex issue being discussed in such a way.

Historic territory is such a nebulous term to start with. Rich/powerful folks drawing imaginary lines on maps, then oppressing people inside or outside of them is itself a nonsense.

The fact that we live in collective delusion about what countries, boarders and rulers are, is bad enough. To then use it as a crouch to oppress people with is beyond the pale.

People shouldn’t be born owned by anyone. They don’t owe anyone anything. They don’t deserve to be given someone else’s debt to pay and they certainly don’t deserve to be subjected to cruelty and imprisonment.

Many areas of the world have complex issues, with impossible choices and suffering. Even those of us lucky enough to live someone in relative peace are still born into debt, with arbitrary laws dictating our freedoms.

None of it makes a great deal of sense. Much of it is unjust. Let’s not use it as an excuse to justify tyranny of any sort. We should try to be as sympathetic and rational as we can be and somehow find a way to make some sense of it all and live peaceful lives.


My sympathy’s are with the people who are getting the boot put into them.


TO assert that there is ANY equivalence between the paid agitators of Hong Kong and the the oppressed survivors of the Israeli attempted genocide is simply shameful, Neil. Sorry

Funny, academic studies directly contradict you there Neil. Sorry if these academically-rigorous studies jibe with the anecdotes of your rich pals.
US academic studies BTW, no Chinese or Russian “propaganda” as the rich, privileged colonials of Hong Kong would claim.
As I posted earlier, trying to draw any parallels between the situation in HK,where the “West” is desperately trying to establish a base to destabilise the Chinese government and the attempted genocide in Palestine where mostly American Jews are attempting to steal the land of the indigenous population is utterly absurd and reflects badly on you.

True - on the face of it - but paid provocateurs need to understand that there can be a price-tag for their adventurism. Perhaps your pals need to find other thrill-seeking opportunities? Or somewhere else to live cos time has run out for these spoilt brats. Its not as if any of this comes as a surprise, did none of them do any planning? Or did they think that the bold Yankees would come running to their rescue? The Yanks no longer have the power nor are they as bold as they once could be. One stupid impetuous move and China could tank the US economy. Most of the world agrees this is no bad thing.

Talking of American Jews [quote=“Southside, post:31, topic:35018”]
attempting to steal the land of the indigenous population
this is what your tax dollars are paying for, US citizens…

Now now Neil, you are flailing wildly here because you have no rebuttal to my points.
Also for further clarification, my own(rather extended) family does not exactly have clean hands re HK.
Back in the late 70s a cousin of a cousin was an inspector in the Glasgow polis. Suddenly he gave up a promising job, a lovely wife (whom I had lusted after at weddings etc) and a very nice house in Milngavie to join the HK police as a sergeant. Not being close family, I was not that interested. Fast forward five years and we hear he had made inspector again and was found shot dead outside his aptmnt in Kowloon. Turns out he had to leave Glasgow as the corruption could no longer be hushed up and was quickly accepted into the famously corrupt HK polis - who were mostly Scots immigrants (though they would prefer the tern expats). Anyway word we got was he tried to put the arm on the wrong Triad and paid the price. Mourning was remarkably restrained back home. So I know just a little of what went down as part of our colonial presence in HK. Very little to be proud of at all.

Well they can’t be ALL bad then :slight_smile:

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But were they in the HK Polis? Which I have heard referred to as the Partick Sub-Division (Eastern Branch) and it was not entirely in jest.

Please stop confusing politics with nationality or ethnicity.

Certain ethnicities have “tendencies” when it comes to corruption and politics. And to pretend that Glasgow Polis of Highland extraction are somehow apart from this is fantasy - wherever they serve…

Bullshit. Just stop it. You should know better.

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Honest Sascha - all of this is true. Well the bit about the Highland Polis is anyway :slight_smile:

If Neil was here, he would tell you </Para Handy>

Since we have this topic, I’ve created one for discussion on China - the people and/vs the CCP/CPC.

And the reason there were so many polis of Highland extraction in Glasgow is not entirely unrelated to the genocide of the Gaels perpetrated by the Brits since 1700s.

But thats another thread. Parallels could be drawn between NY being the largest Yiddish-speaking city in the world and Glasgow being the largest Gaelic speaking one. The reasons are similar.

If I wass here, I, would tell you the very same. I used to drink with McPhail in a wee pub on Gt Western Rd back in the 80s. A chentleman.

I said nothing about your Highlands. I asked you to stop confusing politics with nationality and ethnicity. Please do so.

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My point was that the Brits treated the Chinese in Hong Kong dreadfully. Part of the reason for that was the corrupt HK police force, very many of whom were ex-Glasgow police - many of them (and certainly in my family’s case) were Gaels from the West Coast displaced by the attempted genocide of the Brits.

Could we draw parallels between the oppressed now doing the oppressing?