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@ioptio - Project SAFE: How We Can Replace Servers to Fix the Internet

What categories do we need?

There was a good question about how new nodes “find” other nodes on the Network. I created a FAQ topic to help explain it.


Yes indeed, the easy way to think of it is, the nodes you have in your routing table will definitely contain nodes closer than you to any data, so ask them to send it further and they will have nodes that are closer (otherwise you have the data).

It goes on like this which seems like it would take a load of hops to find anything. The number of hops is approx log(n) so is very small.


The more I understand this, the more I see how briljant this is. The XOR-routing makes it so that nobody sees the whole network but understands only a small part of it. This while every part of data finds the exact way of where to go. It’s like the network is completely random and organized at the same time.


the more you learn about this project, the more you realize how unbelievably awesome it truly is. On a completely different level compared to all these other projects out there.