Paige has left Maidsafe then

In case you didn’t know people, I just heard it as she canceled the London Google Hangouts Meetup we had scheduled tonight. Well good luck with the new role Paige, thanks for all your efforts spreading the word.


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Yes Paige had told us this week she was looking to step down from the front line of community outreach, but is looking to stay involved in other ways, potentially through blog writing which we are discussing at the moment. This is of course a real shame as @ioptio has been part of the family for over a couple of years now and a very well regarded member of the team.

Paige had quite a lot of changes in her personal circumstances of late and was finding the travel an added stress. It isn’t right for me to say any more on this and maybe Paige will jump into this thread and add her own thoughts.

Needless to say we are looking for multiple developer outreach managers to come on board and we’ll publish more on this shortly. Thanks again for all your help Paige!


Thanks for the kind words Nick and from the OP, Al.

Yeah, I’m definitely in need of stepping back from outreach. It’s been in the back of my head for a month or so now. There’s a few directions I am considering taking my career but generally have an urge/need to stabilize my life and travel much less. Additionally, I’ve found some recent personal growth in practicing martial arts which requires a good amount of consistent discipline and the travel has been cutting into that as well, something I know @nicklambert can appreciate. :slight_smile: I hope to do some remote work in writing and design in the meantime for MaidSafe and other projects I’m generally interested in but we’ll see where that goes.

I’ve also been incredibly inspired by this team and project… would like to study networks more academically and creatively. One of the biggest attractions to me early on was a shared interest with @dirvine’s focus on natural systems so his insights are something that I shall carry with me in this realm.


Thanks for all the time and energy you’ve put into Maidsafe and the community Paige, it’s very much appreciated. Although it doesn’t feel like we are losing you as a community member, correct me if I’m wrong ;-). But it was very nice to have someone doing presentations about SAFE over the globe for audience outside of our community but in tech. I especially enjoyed reading about the Decentralized Web Summit where quite some great names learned about SAFE.

Thank you!


@ioptio, Thanks for all that you did and plan to do. I’m sad to see you go, but glad the decision wasn’t forced upon you and was yours. This also reminds me I need to get back to my BJJ training soon. :wink:


good luck Page ! hasta la vista :smiley:


I shall definitely continue as part of the community… and honestly, will be doing indirect outreach through just talking with others about the network casually as you all do without payment. :slight_smile: And I’ll still host some SAFE meetups in Boston.

Particularly, I’m very excited about recent security improvements with data chains and proposals from @AndreasF so definitely won’t be able to shut up about that. Came up with a cool metaphor/design idea for explaining the improved network structure and would like to elaborate on that in a post once things have been more fleshed out whether for the MaidSafe blog or my own depending on circumstances.


Thanks for the help. Think I can say we’ll always remember you as one of base team members of maidsafe.
First when I read the first lines of you moving out I was like … euuuh what’s going on?? … but calmness was quick back a few lines later.
I wish you the best and success in your following story.
But like you said you’re probably still on the forum here :wink:


@ioptio keep blogging it’s always a good read


Go Paige Go. One of the few women in the space that has confidence and gusto. This is a great loss for Maidsafe. Honored to have met her. (in Montreal)

Best to you Paige.


Thank you for your service.


Thanks for your hard work and travelling Paige. I’m glad you’ll still be around and plan to continue blogging and helping people understand networks - helped me a lot so I look forward to more :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks Paige, great job and best of luck!