Paid to Try or Try for Free (Word of Mouth DAOs)


The point of this model is to undermine the sponsor or info enclosure censorship model that makes the mainstream liars narrative media possible.

Start with SAFE based DAO

  1. This is a secure way to directly seed markets but bypass marketers and the media corrupting influence of sponsor systems.

  2. It shares no information about people who use the service with the firms that pay or contribute seed product, but it makes links available for end users to volunteer info or feedback if the firm wants to make such links available.

  3. It handles the logistics on setting up shipping and direct payment to end users.

  4. It ranks its un-sponsored honest search results based on customer feedback which is a function of product quality and naturally how much the firms paid for someone to try their product, which might be implicit in the cost of a product given away. Ranking is completely determined by end user advantage.

  5. It has language forbidding firms from requesting products back or limiting the durations of recipients free trials or in any adverse way attempting to bind end users as a result of the transaction or burden or obligate. Any user of the product would have complete unfettered access to the product and all of its features. The firm would have control over how long the product was listed on the service or provided. The system would foreseeably need a legal recall provision. Firms playing games with these provisions would naturally see their products rankings fall.

  6. Crucially this would be a no BS, no bribe system,- no external promotion system. Nothing modal and nothing to distract the end users attention in interfacing. They click on a product they want. Enter an address and recall contact info, and they get the product. There is never any attempt to connect trials or user or to study the end users, it’s a blind trending system with honest ranking.

There would be a natural limiting of the use of this method as firms would not want to condition the public into accepting their product as paid to use or free.

Its clearly not an approach for all offerings, but its conceivable that marketing and media firms would black ball firms that used such services. By that time such services may have damaged the viability of of such backwards user disempowering models and done their job. Its possible, soon to be dead media and marketing would go crazy trying to stop this, but the law would resist because it would only erode itself trying to legislate what isn’t prudent or practical to legislate against, namely open source efforts.

A best use case might be found in one friend asking another for advice with the friend offering up their experience with a product from the service, detailing their successful outcome. Is there any more credible buy in? In certain ways the end user experience in the process may be optimal- they decide exactly how and if their attention is used and they are recompensed for their attention with close to the maximal payoff a firm could provide.

Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

Nice post with some good points. I’m interested in how DAO’s will be built in SAFE and what native functionality they will be able to tap into…I guess the API should reveal more on that.

Probably should be in ‘Strategy’ this one…I dont check into 'Off Topic at all now and only caught via the Most wanted app post.


@chrisfostertv I’ve added the suggestion to the most wanted apps thread which has the strategy tag. It seems almost every app people want to see on SAFE has some novel twists added to it.