Page view dividends in safecoin

I had a wild idea that may/may not work given the payment mechanics of safe coin once it goes live.

I thought I remembered at one time a discussion saying that a user may get safecoin for page views or when their site/app is accessed. If this is the case, and at some point safecoin is divisible, would there be a way to pay a fraction of that reward to the person viewing the page, similar to a type of dividend?

This could drive traffic and have a way for devices not able to run a vault to at least get a bit of safecoin for participating with sites that opt into the model…I feel like I am missing a reason this couldn’t work though…


How do you know there is someone there viewing, and actually reading the page, and not a web crawler with a wallet?

I would get coins either way, so it doesnt make a difference who is viewing. Say, for example I get 1 safecoin per view. I could give 1/100 back to the user. This would be less in theory than you would make with a vault but at least a little something for a smaller device with no vault running…

Hmm, it might work. Difficulty will be making it worth enough to users, while not worth enough to attract bots that then waste network resources and energy, and increasing the cost to everyone else.


we really dont want to encourage a ton of bots crawling the network and slowing it, just because


I don’t see the point in giving a reward to someone just accessing the data, can someone explain why this could be a desirable use case (even if we don’t understand how to prevent an abuse like bots crawling) ?

If someone for example was browsing SAFE on a mobile device that was not running a vault, they could still earn a very small amount of Safecoin simply by browsing participating sites. This would drive traffic.

I do not think it would be a big issue for bots because running a vault would be less effort and get you many multiples more Safecoin. I was thinking of users with less access to high end devices and high speed networks (Africa, India, etc)…

Again, it my not be feasible, but just a thought…

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I still don’t get it, I may be wrong, but I thought you would be able access the safenet without a vault (just like we are all doing now), so in the mobile case you just use a safenet client (e.g. the SAFE launcher). Why is it you want to give a reward to someone just browsing the safenet? I would even think of charging them :smiley: …just kidding!

Now, if you want to store things on the safenet, then you need some safecoins to pay for it. Therefore, you as a user can either have a vault at home so you earn enough coins to pay for the storage you want to use, or you can just buy safecoins on the market; then you can use your safecoins from any client to store your data, even from your mobile phone. You shouldn’t need a vault to store data if you own safecoins to pay for the storage.

Am I wrong in any/all of this?


you are correct on all of it.

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It would be bit like letstalkbitcoin and the listeners reward, right?
I think Im not very convinced because Im already unsure of the economics behind safecoin and how itl’ll work out in reality. It would add another level of complexity if it was hardcoded, right?