Packaging and installation

I love apt-get for Debian based Linux distros. I’m running Mint 18.2 Mate 64-bit now. I’m not sure how much work keeping a repository requires, but would it be possible to create a central repository for testing apps? At least the browser and the web hosting manager? People could just install the apps they are interested in once and “apt-get update” everything easily from there. No need to go to different places to check whether anything has been updated. Maybe even a meta-package for installing everything? What do you think? I’m not sure about Windows, but for Linux this would be very convenient.


Nice idea…

Am happy to continue visiting and downloading from git but packaging would also be nice.

Brew would be nice,


And please don’t forget RPMs . .

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Snaps are also cool although I must admit I’m not using them much… (not yet :smile: )

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I’m not yet acquainted with packaging for APT. Initially it looks like a package needs to be sponsored by a DD (Debian Developer) whom can then index it to the APT archive.

I’m not sure that our releases are stable enough to be submitted for review by a DD.

This will definitely be reviewed for the future though. Thank you, Sascha.

This request has been added as a team task to make sure that it is on our radar.


Using apt etc doesn’t require using the official repositories, and it isn’t sensible at this stage because updates involve significant delays. Maidsafe have in the past maintained their own repository, I still have it in my apt config, but they are no longer updating it presumably so they can focus maximum resources on development. I expect they will revive it at some point.


E.g. Linux Mint is based on the long term stable release 16.04 of Ubuntu. Creating a PPA (Personal Package Archive) for that would serve many users of both Ubuntu, Mint and other derivatives.


I just wanted to say a big Thank you for creating the Debian repositories. Here’s to adding more apps to them!