! P2PB2B Withdrawal notice!

MAID deposits on P2PB2B will soon be disabled prior to the upcoming delisting. Withdrawals will remain available for the time being and I would like to ask everyone with MAID on P2PB2B to withdraw them from their platform as soon as possible.

When any additional information becomes available I, or a Maidsafe representative will provide you with an update.


Wish the withdrawal fee wasn’t so high. It’s like highway robbery


I think one of the main issues with P2PB2B was how high their withdrawal fees for Omni were. That deterred people from using the platform.

Is it possible for P2PB2B to list eMAID and convert the current Omni MAID balance to eMAID? That way the withdrawal fees to the holder could be lower.


I agree on the withdrawal fee, it was way to high for a omni asset. However, we should keep in mind that for omni, exchanges require multiple transactions for a single user’s deposit / withdraw. People compare p2pb2b’s withdrawal fees with bittrex’s but I don’t think its a fair comparison. Bittrex is making a loss on user withdrawals on average, but they make their profit (0.75%) on user trading. P2P has a very market competitive trading fee of only 0.2%. I think it’s a shame that volume never picked up, partially because of the problematic integration from the start.

I wanted to leave this for a thursday update and the Maidsafe team to announce once final, but I can see how this may affect some users choices so here we go:

I’m currently talking with P2P about how we delist omni MAID and P2P is preparing the listing of eMAID as we speak. Not everything is final yet, but by the looks of it we’re going for a 2 week+ withdrawal period of the omni asset. After these 2 weeks, P2P insists on converting the remaining omni tokens to eMAID so users won’t lose access to their funds. Quite an improvement to how Poloniex handled it back in the day if you ask me.

Like I said, non of this is set in stone yet as I’m still discussing this with p2p and looking into the option for exchange KYC during the altcoinomy onboarding process. More info will surely follow soon.


Agreed. Much superior to how Poloniex handled this.


Does P2PB2B have kyc? Can folk quickly deposit before it is disabled and get some eMAID without kyc?

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P2PB2B does have KYC but it’s optional for higher limits. However, for this reason deposits have already been disabled. I’m afraid this is not a way for you to get eMAID without KYC. Once eMAID is live however you can purchase eMAID without :slight_smile:


Ahhh, I already have kyc emaid, figured some folk get could get lucky with a free pass. :slightly_smiling_face:

Withdrawals are open until May 12th. Please make absolutely sure you withdraw your funds before.