P2P trading for MAID/BTC?

Hi. I live in Washington state (USA) and my state has recently passed laws that puts more stringent rules on cryptocurrency exchanges. Most have dropped service to WA residents like myself. Fortunately Coinbase stuck around but I want to purchase MaidSafe coins and I have no clue how I can without access to an exchange that trades MAID. Anyone have any ideas or know of P2P services like localbitcoin.com where I can trade Bitcoin for MaidSafe coin?

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I live in New York and have the same sorts of issues. One of the few if not the only exchange I can use to purchase Maidsafe Coin and other crypto’s on is Bittrex.com. I know Bittrex.com isn’t a P2P Service like you requested but it should work.


Thanks for tip! I’m getting my account verified on Bittrex.com now.


I wasn’t aware of the new laws. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised; Washington has one of the toughest laws for online gambling/poker. They’re quick to initiate legislature on any kind of hitherto unorthodox revenue sources. I’m in Washington, also, and have been using coinbase and bittrex. Haven’t tried to withdraw anything, yet, but so far it has allowed trading as usual.

Honestly, I wasn’t keeping track of cryptocurrency for some years. Originally I was a Shibe (Dogecoin fan for the very few who might not know). So I was shocked when I access some exchange accounts and was instructed to withdraw holdings and close the account due to laws. Apparently the WA state laws went into effect in July/August this year. Can’t believe how much it has hindered my ability to trade and hold cryptocurrency. Fortunately, Coinbase stuck around and abided to the laws. I thank everyone here to informing me about Bittrex.com.