Overview - SAFE Network

Is there an up-to-date single resource available for:

  1. Safe Network Overview
  2. Farming Overview
  3. SafeCoin / Rewards Overview

and is anything planned similar to the Bitcoin tutorial (how it works segment) on WE USE COINS What is Bitcoin? (v2) - YouTube

Hi, @BIGbtc

https://safenetwork.org/ - SAFE Network Videos, Whitepapers

What @John said, plus look out for the new MaidSafe.net website that’s soon to be revealed.

Thanks @John !!!

Thanks @happybeing - soon to be revealed would be when?

@nicklambert is the man to ask, I’m not going to make any predictions :smile:

I hope you’re not asking me for timescales :slight_smile: .

The site will go live before Christmas @BIGbtc.


Christmas 2015? :wink: Thanks @nicklambert


Christmas box kkkkkkk

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