Overview of apps and APIs

I’m afraid this might be a silly newbie question.

There are a lot of topics about API’s, different languages, example apps, static websites, etc. Sometimes I stumble upon something interesting. I’m looking for an overview of the possibilities and uses for SafeNet, because I don’t have a clear picture. Is there a page or topic with a collection of links one can use to get a better understanding of the (development) uses that surpass simple cloud storage.

Also, do I understand correctly that apps are basically any stand-alone programs that interact with the launcher through an API? Or are they apps inside the launcher, apps on Chromium or games in steam? Or both?


You’re just in time, @frabrunelle is putting together a few in the next couple of weeks.

And long story short - the app authenticates to the launcher if it needs to put data onto the network on behalf of the user.

So I guess games in steam most likely. Although plans are being made for an apps in chromium model. I guess we’ll see which one wins.


Apps can also bypass rhetoric launcher altogether and link directly with the library used by the launcher. These would be apps that require low level access and would be subject to licensing terms.

However, the launcher API is being designed to reduce the need to integrate directly with the library. It will also change less than the library and help to bridge the gaps between low level changes in the library.

In summary, the launcher rest API is likely be suitable for the vast majority of use cases (read: apps).

That’s clever. Won’t this inspire forks?

Well, the license either enforces GPL3 or an alternative would need to be sought via maidsafe. I suppose you could create a different launcher and attempt a fork though, but it would have to remain GPL if this was the case.