Out-of-band seeds

Here’s an idea that is doable right-now on a test net:

Instead of having a “seed vault” in the config, have one or more seed IPs and ports cached on the Internet, that and a startup script for the vault that bootstraps from them.

Then one would be a big step towards having a truly peer-to-peer SAFEnet.

EDIT: By the way, devs, is the bootstrap cache (which has only [] in it) usable?

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Not right now we have disabled it for now during these tests.

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So, a feature request: a command line option that accepts an Internet address, for example (these aren’t real):


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What is the big difference if you put those ip (informations) into your config file or have another method e.g. command line or api or rpc or whatever to add them to your engine to make use of this piece of information? Why do you consider the additional method more democratic or more independent than the current config file model? Cheers. p.s. at least put up some logically valid ip addresses instead of those past8bit octet ones ;p

The big difference is that they can change on the fly. It is a cache rather than a hard-coded contact list. Pastebin isn’t a great example because you can’t edit a paste, not from a guest account anyway.

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Send me your IP and I’ll put that up instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Even without such an option it could be done with a script that copies it and mungs it into a config.

With boot cache enabled, I suppose that with a production network, many people will post theirs to sites such as pastebin, for anyone to copy.