Our SAFE Apps site is 200% DONE!

I would expect that it will be typically a lot better. We will just have to wait and see how SAFE can be accessed from an IoT device. Therein lies the potential hack points.

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OOH! I get to be that guy again!!!

Well, let’s get the Network up and running first!

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Not really - unfortunately :frowning: - whatever method an IoT device uses to phone home, unless the user controls it the user is vulnerable, and there is the underlying problem of the IoT: it’s a way of getting used to install hardware they don’t understand i9t control, and pay for the privilege, and the running costs.

Unfortunately, a manufacturer deciding to connect via SAFEnetwork doesn’t stop them abusing their users, and it doesn’t force them to cede control.

Maidsafe just came out with the roadmap. Is this the “interactive Maidsafe project timeline” you were talking about?

No I have a side project I’m still working on in my free time

It’s a long timeline that documents milestones in MaidSafe’s history

Been busy with other things but I’ll still finish it / just release it so other people can fill in more of the blanks


Nah just go low tech. Can hack a wok, a knife and a cutting board. Can’t hack a book. Get yourself appliances that don’t have an internet connection. Seriously people you don’t need internet in every single dinglehoofer in the house.

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Dang. I just finished outrigging all my dinglehoofers with 4G… What a waste.

just wanted to come back & make good on the promise of an Interactive MaidSafe Timeline Website :slight_smile:

Please help me fill in everything!! Would be great to have this as a beautiful resource, noting every major milestone for SAFE along the way, to help us appreciate everything that’s happened over the years :slight_smile:

I feel this is a good contribution, and a nice format for indexing & viewing all of the info yet to be filled in


Awesome! Something to spur the imagination!


Great idea!

Happy to help with the writing part. I always enjoy playing with text. Others probably better placed to add most of the content itself.

I’ll kick off by suggesting tweaks to the opening paragraph. I think it could be a bit shorter and punchier :slight_smile: .

“This is for anyone who wanted to see the entire past, present and future of MaidSafe: the company making the world’s first truly uncensorable and uncontrollable p2p encrypted internet! Combined with a global, annonymous cryptocurrency, this network will help set all the people of the world free by delivering Secure Assess For Everyone! Imagine the implications!”


What follows is a timeline showing the history and evolution of Maidsafe (the company) and the SAFEnetwork - the first truly decentralised, private, secure and uncensorable data network.

Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE). Absolute, digital freedom… imagine the implications!

Or do you think it really needs safecoin mentioned too?


Most excellent and bodacious Will.


Nice one, perhaps this will help with some blanks as well.


On this page - http://wkgallo3.github.io/Appsitev2/index.html, the “Get Involved” hyperlink points to the old forum address.

That side bar appears to be on all pages… though reads as if it’s app specific.
The link to The Team is broken too… perhaps replace with https://maidsafe.net/company.html#who-we-are

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Yeah, there’s about 280 links across both versions of the website that need to be updated because of the change.

Anyone can download the code from github and help make the changes if it’s bothering them :stuck_out_tongue: Ctrl+F + replace all

I’ll get around to that eventually


Just wanted to say the MaidSafe Timeline website I was working on is totally open source. I was just looking through it and found lots of cool but unfinished work, like this long notepad full of MaidSafe company history that I hadn’t gotten around to putting into the site yet.

as that notepad shows, I was really aiming for total 100% inclusion of all MaidSafe’s history, actions, blog entries, video releases, etc etc, and then have it so you can expand and dive into each year/month/day on the timeline as granularly as you wanted to

So it really is a cool project if anyone wants to fork it, change backgrounds, fill in things, etc. Would be a great resource for everyone to have on the side


I really like this project and have submitted a pull request.

Perhaps make it clearer in the readme what you’re looking for from contributors. I found the html as it stands is a bit daunting. Perhaps have the events in a generic format (maybe as a .json array) and then render them using a template. I know static html is sometimes better than javascript, but there’s a lot of non-content text to type out when using static html.

Also is this a MaidSafe timeline or a Safe Network timeline? Or in this case are they essentially interchangable? I think the difference between the two is important and should be used consistently.

Looking forward to seeing this grow, it’s really cool.


Great! Thanks very much! Just approved & merged it! Very awesome work!!

Definitely, this part needs cleaning up. I was making shorthand code notes when I was really working daily on this, because there’s certain < tr> tags and such for each tier of the timeline that open/close, but I haven’t touched the code here for so long now. I’m sure it would come back, but it’s still a side project right now

Really leaning more this way. I don’t think that SAFE is very far removed yet from MaidSafe at all at this point.

In my mind, SAFE will only be it’s own thing once we have lots of groups updating / maintaining it, far after launch. So for now and the foreseeable future I definitely think that only a MaidSafe timeline makes sense

Thanks! Me too! it’s great for those moments of doubt like, “Dang, all this time has passed and still no SAFE Network!! WTH??” Because something like this can remind you of all the amazing things / breakthroughs / tests / events that have happened and are still happening along the way :smiley:

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The next most important update would be making it as readable as possible. Just tried it on mobile and the timeline shows up as extremely tiny.

Even on desktop the print is quite small and blends into the background. I think this is the most important thing to fix next. Then making it easy to add content is next up.

For now if anyone wants to add things into the timeline just do a pull request on the notepad like @mav or tell me things to paste into it :slight_smile:

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I gave the MaidSafe Timeline Website project its own thread here