Our SAFE Apps site is 200% DONE!

Hey guys, Potential Apps V2 is LIVE RIGHT HERE!!!

Honestly, it’s largely the same things content-wise (though not completely), but with a few recommended changes from @Blindsite2k, @Tonda and @Artiscience such as this, this, this, and this.

I just thought the SAFE movement deserved a more professional-looking Potential Apps page, to show people that we aren’t just making a big dropbox-type-thingy, we are in fact building something much greater.

Also, big shout-outs to @Infining and @frabrunelle, who showed me the magic of GitHub Pages, which I’ll be using from now on. AppsiteV1 is there, along with its source files, and the source files for AppsiteV2 are there too. All sites are open-source, as always.

Be on the lookout for my new coming content, such as an official SF SAFE Blog of mine, an interactive MaidSafe project timeline site and some other goodies which will be a surprise!! :smiley:


I just noticed my main link above wasn’t working, so i just fixed it.

Feel free to click it at the top now


Yeaaaaahhhh boyyyyy!!! Good Sh!t! Keep it up!:smile:


couldn’t stop me if u tried!!! XP


Heads up, the team link is dead.:scream:


Thx, thought I fixed it, but I guess I forgot to do the git push. Will do asap


Lmao safesex logo omg my sides


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I hope you guys realize how far out you are. You have released a 2.0 version of something that relies on something that has not seen its 0.1 release yet.


You are 100% correct. And we are all aware of this.

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Technically no we haven’t released anything as these apps haven’t been built yet. But yeah I feel you bro and we know. Why do you think we’re chomping at the bit to get the SAFE network released? You think this is far out? Just think of the impact all these apps and the network itself will have on society!


There is a distinct lack of representation for the IoT-type apps. Staring at screens is so not far-out.

I need my smart-toaster!


Are you sure? Anything “smart” can be hacked. If you have a smart toaser how do you keep someone from remotely shutting it off and keeping you from using it? Same with your smart-washing maching/dryer or your smart-fridge? We have smartcars and see what’s happening with them. Vroom vroom yikes the breaks aren’t working! Woops you’ve been smart-jacked!

I prefer anything that I rely on for my survival to NOT rely on the internet or any higher tech. The internet is amazingly useful but it’s not something I want to be dependent upon. I know at the end of the day I can unplug and survive without it.

Personally I don’t like the idea of IoT, way too much wi-fi running around for that. And for what? So you can use your cell phone to order your washing machine to order more soap? Seriously? Or script the coffee machine to make coffee for you a few seconds early? Get off your ass and make the damned coffee and just order he soap yourself. The save in convience isn’t worth the extra wifi radiation.


keep slayin+ @whiteoutmashups the future forgets our time is now

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Not every smart device has to be networked.

Radiation can be minimized by wired convergence of all devices at a roof relay.

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True but then how do you define a smart device for the IoT?

Also true but consider how many cords would be running around. One can have a lot of appliances, large and small, in their home.

This question does pose the idea of combining cords with say Li-Fi systems wihin the home. Correct me if I’m wrong but you wouldn’t need to illuminate the whole room in order for Li-Fi to work. You just need a light source the device can see, that is line of sight.

Forget the definition.:confused: Just disable networking. If you don’t like your cats nails just cut em or cap em.:wink:

If you want to reduce your radiation exposure you will take the necessary measures. Most appliances are low throughput devices. The thickness of their respective wires could reflect that. Plug them into a specialized socket and bam!

Li-Fi is freggin awesome! I can’t wait for them to refine the technology.:heart_eyes: It renders home radiation countermeasures less crucial for optimal health.


This is a beautiful site, Did you use a framework ? , I love the contact form :grinning:


yes its a collection of css and html tools heres a link if u want

and the contact form is just a google form I threw together. Feel free to fill it out with any ideas!

finally think i got it all fixed.

TIL about what a Github branch is. lol. was fixing the wrong one.