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Yeah… I’m finding it tricky referring to the network as ‘The Safe Network’ :expressionless:

Not sure why - except maybe momentum perhaps. Maybe it’ll grow on me over time. I know there was talk of referring to it as SAFEnet but arguments against that due to trademark infringement or something to that effect. I miss calling it (inaccurately) maidsafe.

There’s only one SAFE Network :wink:


There can be only one… :wink:

definitely keep maidsafe.org;

still typing that one;

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found this

SAFE, the lobby group representing people brought together by their unfair treatment at the hands of banks.

Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-1243719/Cash-threat-bank-protest-group-SAFE.html#ixzz3VHJA3ONx

sounds like they achieved a lot with their group…SAFE - Struggle Against Financial Exploitation

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Yeah, me either. Btw, what happened? Relocated server to some new datacenter?

@Leon: We are still on the same server. Only the domain name was changed :smile: .

See: Closed Poll: To Move or Not to Move

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There’s bound to be some collision in naming, unless we stay with MaidSafe, which isn’t a great option for broad acceptance.

The point is that our SAFE Network is not at all the same as any of the other projects, so won’t be confused, and it will have almost universal application in the long run, as opposed to all the others which are more special interest. They’ll just have to move over.

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I think it’s interesting to note that “Safenet” is a billion dollar supplier of encryption technology to the American Govt. It has now been renamed “Safenet Government Solutions”. For various reasons, I would definitely not call the Network anything like “The Safe Network”, which will undoubtedly be shortened to “Safenet” by users.
I wouldn’t want to attract the legal attention or pick a fight one cannot afford to win, especially with such an entity and it’s connections. It will also be confused with the other company, which is anti-thetical to everything Maidsafe is about really.
I’s personally drop the “Safe” and “Network” combo completely. :smile:

and just call it “The Network” :slight_smile:

Lol…I changed my wording. :smile:

SAFE and nothing else.

Yes, I was thinking that too…or if David comes through with a mesh plan, then as Mesh is synonymous with both “Net” and “Web”, yet distinguishes the type of Network from the “Old web” and conveys the idea of de-centralisation; then I’d suggest “Safe Mesh”. :smile: TBH I think Safe …whatever, will just become abbreviated to just Safe anyway, which is better than it being abbreviated to SafeNet I think.


It will help somewhat if we really are consistent with the caps–SAFE. (Anybody for S.A.F.E.? :wink: )

Works for me :heart_eyes:


:wink: You are all soo pre-SAFE with your old internet web site… :wink:

Are we there yet?

Quantum SAFE Mesh

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I actually contacted the owner of http://safenetwork.org (S.A.F.E. Network) a month ago, because their non-profit organization didn’t seem active anymore (website not updated since January 2013).

At first, they told me:

We appreciate your inquiry but we are considering re opening the non profit in the near future

I didn’t reply to them, but then, about 10 days ago, they sent me another email:

Hi, we have decided not to reopen our corporation. As a result, we have no further need for this domain name. However we have also in our research learned it is valued at between $5000.00, partly because it is 16 years old. If you or your organization would like to make an offer feel free to contact us. We have some major expenses attached to closing down our organization and need to recoup what we can.

When I try to explain them the SAFE Network, they don’t seem to care. Anyways, I am pretty happy with safenetwork.io, so I will not pursue this further. But I thought I would let everyone know in case one of you was planning to contact them.

As for the other domains, I see them as being quite different and I can hardly imagine that they would create confusion. The one with the .org.uk domain (Safe Network) makes it clear that it’s intended for an organization in the UK, not a technology. The other one (Safe Network Solutions) makes it clear that it’s a business, not a technology.

Plus, like @chrisfostertv pointed out, we have our own unique way to write it: SAFE Network :smiley:

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I think you should offer him $2000 for the domain. He’ll most likely accept it having expenses on the line.

It’s not necessary to spend money