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I get all this. But Cryptopia seems to be one of a kind. Putting people on for weeks with no excuse, no warning, no explanation and no compensation is asinine. What I find hilarious is that in the end, they’ll thank you for your “patience”.


Or is it a way to find out who’s crossing borders with crypto?? :face_with_monocle:hmmmm


Except they are installing it all over the place.

Also no ID needed and its not just those crossing boarders but local people, domestic etc. So not just crossing boarders. And no ID means they cannot do matching of whose leaving the country and who is not.

Then they are installing at other tourist spots in QLD, so it does not seem so

But maybe the QLD government has done something uncharacteristic and done something smart and its a process of finding out who has crypto by giving grants to a company doing this.


Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO), starring Carlos Matos (Bitconnect) and Brock Pierce:


The price of Storj has gone crazy - up 50,%. I’m waiting for the day Maid/Safecoin does the same


(Cough) pump (cough) dump…


Nice work if you can get it


I hope it goes without saying that what McAfee says, you should take with a grain of salt, certainly around the first of april. But should he be serious, he better watch out now that twitter bans cryptocurrency ads.


He’s a cnut. No other words.


But hey, at time of writing, they’re tenuously hanging onto the 99th spot (despite the recent bitcoin dip). Plus, in terms of price, they’re still about 35% higher than where they were before the news dropped.

Anywho, I’ll be the first to concur that new exchange listings and concurrent increased liquidity are not a silver bullet. Many things must work together in concert. I think MCO started off on a terrible foot with regards to communication, but they’ve stepped that up with dedicated staff interfacing with their reddit, regular live Q&A, getting their senior leadership in front of more people in a public way (e.g., conferences, interviews, etc.), sharing more concrete roadmaps, and letting people know when/why things are delayed. If they actually meet their milestone for open beta release this month, I think the markets will reward them and the additional exchange listings will help bolster that. Conversely, if they miss, they will be sorely punished.

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“and letting people know when/why things are delayed” are you shure about that

Shure they have an excellent marketing but behing the wall they have also a LITTLE case with the name they choose Monaco !!! Have you hear about that in any forum or other places i think not. why ? Because as i said there is no transparency and often we don’t know what is going on inside some crypto company…


That’s old news. I heard about that months ago. At any given time Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, you name it, are embroiled in (largely wasteful) lawsuits and patent wars in multiple courts all across the world. We generally don’t hear about these things unless you really go digging for it. What may hit the front page is barely the tip of the iceberg. These legal battles are a cost of doing business. When you seriously start a venture, one of the first things you’re advised to do is lawyer up and get insurance.


Sorry but it’s different with bad issue you have to change the name of your company.
Hopfully the cards has been not sent…


Holy-Moly! That came out of the blue!
What have I missed?!


Hold the phone; that was in reference to Monaco’s product, and not the SAFEnetwork.


Wishful thinking on my behalf. I shall sit back then.


I felt a warm sense of schadenfreude at first, but then I realized we’re in this together :hushed:

Dear @Sotros25:


That’s old news. I heard about that months ago.

Very interesting maybee you can tell me more because i searched more information and did not find anything.
Thanks in advance.


Here: https://medium.com/@communication_8144/monaco-brands-was-informed-of-the-launch-of-a-payment-card-called-monaco-visa-by-the-company-99b082d229

Here: http://monacowealthmanagement.com/2017/12/05/monaco-visa-card-not-authorised/

And other places as well. In general, it seems like no one really cared, and with good cause. So The Principality of Monaco may not be happy that they haven’t found a way to extort rents out of a company, but since when can you trademark the name of a country/principality? I think since never. While I’m no lawyer, I’m inclined to believe this suit won’t pass muster on an international scale. Moreover, not being able to operate in the Principality of Monaco is not really a loss, IMO. The world is just a tad bigger than that.

Also, I sense moderators incoming to say this is off topic…


ES is in deep s#!+.
Voter fraud? Election rigging? “The Groundwork”

Podesta Emails? Pizza and hot dogs?

December 21st: Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
December 21st: ES steps down.

ES in DPRK? What was going on over there? What the real leverage in the Korean deal?


How does cryptocurrency come into this? The broader context well beyond this is what will be a catalyst for the cryptoconsolidation tsunami…and a whole lot more well beyond that.

T-I-P-O-F-T-H-E I-C-E-B-E-R-G.

Edit: It seems we triggered the human intelligence censorship algorithm.

Late Addition:

NGP Van?
Seth Rich.