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I was just wondering the same thing based off the insane immediate valuation. My guess is the previous MAID chart and price action would influence new price discovery. Would be a shame if it did because the speculation also draws in interest in the project.

Will these dweb tokens explode in price in the midst of the bull run? I think it’s likely

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What is the maximum number of Filecoins? What is their inflation curve?

Max supply 2 billion.


Kinda reminds me of the zcash price on launch, which plummeted pretty fast.


Market cap = circulating supply * price

Market cap / circulating supply = price

Filecoin current price:
Price = 700 000 000 / 15 200 000 = $45

MAID/Safe future price at launch (If! circulating supply is known) = Market Cap / 450 000 000

I don’t think you can compare them because Safe Network is many times more advanced and higher potential. Filecoin seems like something rushed, just by looking at the hardware requirements.

MAID/Safe at launch could be between $1-$1000.
$25, $50, $100 seems like good and possible numbers but who knows, it depends on alot of variables.


Its all very possible.
When I initially invested i hoped for $1, but crypto has advanced so much.
Give me $10 I will be ecstatic.
$100 and ill break my face smiling.


Really enjoying a lot of Raoul Pals videos recently. Helps to understand how the world is changing economically, and how bitcoin and crypto could be playing a role.

Also… Look at the bitcoin price! Could it finally break $12k??

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I’m wondering if it will break range.

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The price is due to heavy buying by miners to increase own rig capacity. Our farmers will be not dump and forced to do it.
And the price of SafeCoin will be pegged to price of 1 MB…Still attractive to upload while attractive for farmers.

I don’t think the price of safecoin will be pegged to 1mb. That wouldn’t work.


What will it be pegged to?

It will be pegged to nothing, it will be purely speculative. Until the network is proven to be sustainable over time, few people will upload data and most of this data will be copied or of little value except to a particular individual. Ie only the speculative value remains.

That is why I proposed the creation of a Foundation, which to receive part of the inflation and use it to distribute free space to useful projects (such as Wikipedia, the Internet archive), schools, etc.

I don’t know… I think Safe will be useful for any activites that are somehow restricted at the current clearweb. And this usefuleness would drive price. Think of replacing TOR - and in general sharing files / information. I think this kind of use will begin way before the perpetual storage aspect gains much trust. Also, just having instant, free, scalable cryptocurrency transactions has value in itself.


Of course, we can easily replace Tor. But tens of millions of users is nothing compared to the 8,000 million people on the Planet.

Currently, the blockchain technology has close to 100 million users and the blocks of most blockchains sit empty, despite the cheap close to 0 fast transactions.

But the opportunity for everyone to be a farmer and make some money is something that only Safe technology can offer and eventually will help make Safe used for storing useful data for humanity :dragon:

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Safe is the new torrents. Sell it to them and it takes off overnight


People are used to torrents. They are free. Why should people struggle to learn something new?

Yes, in the long run Safe will replace the torrents, but it will not be overnight, in my opinion…

Well because people pay money to use torrents with like subs to VPNs or subs to private torrent sites etc.

Many who provide the majority of the torrents pay for better gear.

So there will be many who will upload once only a public file and Safe makes that real easy. “Click publish” after upload.

And the leeches can simply type in the URL for the file and either watch it or download it.

No longer do high use torrentors need to buy extra disk space to store their downloads to be retrieved by others. They can just watch the show and be sure it will be there next time.

And to top it off the people who have the disk space can farm and make money instead of nothing and paying for private torrent seed sites.

It is a win - win. Also people no longer need to be downloading the torrent before it disappears just in case they might want to watch a show. They can just go to the public file. This will reduce overall traffic across the internet by removing all the FOMO and “Maybe I’ll watch it” torrents that occurs now.

EDIT: But yes you need to sell it to them in the first instance if you want fast adoption by torrentors


Excatly, Safenet will be infinitelly easier to use and free for download. Current Torrent model have a problem with discoverry. Simply, where should people go to find the content? If it is some official domain, that is illegal and soooner or later tken down. People are at risk of beeing catched. Popcorn time made it easy, but for example in Germany state started to send fines to all popcorn time users. Safenetwork offers very simple solution. Simply download browser, open some site and watch. I absolutelly do not agree with content stealing, but this will be a mayor use case. But history has shown, that the more people steal something online, the more poplar it gets and the more people actually goes to cinema/buys original CD/buys original game. The best example is Windows. It was very popular to steal it and not to buy a licence. 2 decades past and those poor students became adults and are paying for windows now. Employeers have to buy windows, because people re used to it. If they were forced to pay or leave before, they would use linux instead.


And torrents are also used for legit distributions. Microsoft, WOW, Linux distros, etc.

I am not trying to say it is not used for cheap access to shows, but there are many legit uses that Safe will make easier. Imagine WOW or Microsoft can upload their updates and be sure that no cracker/script kiddie can modify the update.

News Groups (NNP) on large server farms costing a subscription per month will finally be challenged to die because Safe is the ultimate NNP “server”