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Not sure if anyone heard of Cryptoinsight app/coin or not. You can check it out. Really active dev team and undervalued project, just like Maidsafe.


“I am Joannes Vermorel, founder at Lokad. I am also an engineer from the Corps des Mines who initially graduated from the ENS.”


Great link @MerkleTree. Bitcoin Cash is as mispriced as Maid. This is what I love about the crypto markets, incorrect pricing is both substantial and sustained, there’s plenty of opportunity to establish positions and wait out.


Anyone know anything about cryptomate? UK-based exchange https://cryptomate.co.uk


Substratum showing some code on Twitter. To my understanding they’ve always been quite secretive, right?..

Is there something we can learn from this? I’m no dev, so it’s all gibberish to me…but perhaps one of you guys do understand some of it?


What code? It is all too small to see. It could be the linux kernel for all we know (unless there is a high res version somewhere?). Even then, it is one image… hardly representative of anything at all tbh.


Yeah…I just now realised the pic is rather vague. I thought it was my crappy phone at first.


Btw, those pushing for delivery dates should take a look at the substratum reddit. Some real negative stuff in there, as they over promised and under delivered. It seems pretty obvious that they had no hope of achieving what they promised in such a short time - it was painfully obvious for anyone technical - but it made a lot of people feel like mugs by the looks of it.


I see where you’re going, but it’s either that:

  • they meant well and came up short, thus the slap is kinda deserved

  • they fooled people on purpose, promised bullshit for a quick buck, attracted scum, hence they reap what they sow

This team has already learned the hard way that this is not the way to go. So I wouldn’t expect them to give impossible promises, then come up short and take crap for being a fraud.

I would expect them to be skeptical, keep the expectations low, give out something like “xxx years”, maybe even discourage some of the current followers and go on, at their pace, sheltered and under the radar, only to deliver a pleasant surprise :smiley:

As I said elsewhere, I like it the way it is and goes. Should people kick and scream though, I would be honest, even repel them with “5 years” or something and go on.


I am not sure but this comment is not great

Because when you write tests in code you uses Mocks.

That's what #[test] means, and this... assert_eq! (response_receivers.get (&Component::Hopper).unwrap ().try_recv ().is_err (), true);

this is how we pass the test. We write code to test our code.

It seems pretty much a misunderstanding, that is not a mock and the assert_eq to a boolean is a bit strange, assert is used to check a bool. So I am not sure who made that comment but it is misleading a bit and shows code that should not pass a code review really.

Who knows though it is reddit and lots of things are posted claiming to be from somebody about something and none of it is true. If that is a dev then perhaps it is an oversight, it can happen but should not be used to showw prowess though.


This link is quite cool as it show all the connected nodes on the Bitcoin Lightening Network:



You’re right. Everything posted anywhere online for that matter should be taken with a grain of salt. For what it’s worth though, the guy that made the comment claims to have made the screenshot. And if he is who he claims to be, then he is the CIO and Co-founder of Substratum.

I found a high res pic. For the ones interested enough…


Brisbane, Australia Airport (BNE) will soon become the first cryptocurrency airport terminal

If it is achieved then this will pave the way for more terminals around the world to implement similar and create a utility for BTC and imagine the travelers that will buy BTC before their trip so they can use it duty free shopping at the terminals. Duty free shopping is big dollars globally.




Any thoughts here on Telegram’s ICO?

I would imagine it will be a blow-out.


I think it could be significant. As far as I know its the first time a service that’s used by many many people outside of the crypto space has rolled out a crypto-currency product to their users.

It’s also focusing on improving blockchain tech, rather than just being a random token for use within telegram.

Saying that, I’ve not looked into it deeply, but feel I should pay it some more attention.

What are other people’s thoughts on it?


It’s an interesting one - not really dug into the details of what they’re proposing but there’s a definite feeling that the pure-crypto VC’s are avoiding this one (https://www.recode.net/2018/1/26/16937942/telegram-ico-cryptocurrency-venture-capital, https://tokeneconomy.co/a-ton-of-crap-b1e264c36802) whilst others will no doubt pile-in. There was some concern around the fact that they weren’t releasing a tech White Paper to investors iirc.


Yeah that article title kinda perfectly mirrors my feelings about it.

The “pile of crap” part :stuck_out_tongue:

But ofc hope it brings more people into crypto, for the whole industry to benefit. Would be great :+1:

But don’t believe in their tech or would have seen impressive public tests at least. If it’s “so amazing…” then,

Also they’re amazingly full of themselves :stuck_out_tongue: shows in all their materials and hopeful “cap”


I can not imagine how they want make so complex project in 1,5year, when all others are several years still under development with ready project.


Anyone heard on Dadi? Seems a copy of Maid on blockchain