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All the more reason to get ready for heavy opportunists like the world has never seen to pump cryptoland into the trillions.


Back in December, I said I thought people might very well short BTC. Who knows. We might yet see an about-face on BTC price. Still, my hope was that people would wisely take BTC profit and shift to alts/tokens


From what I’ve read on other forums all the people have a similar attitude: When it drops below xy I’ll be definitely buying. And yeah the trillion is another motivation. Wasn’t far off of that. So it should go up but then who knows it could also go sideways for a longer period or even drop below xy :). It feels really like gambling.



Sounds like Bitconnect is closing and lots of people are struggling to get their money. Could be an effect of the drop or part of the cause. Check their Reddit… It’s brutal in there!


If only bitcoin could be actually used, you know, have some intrinsic value … to buy some online data, make a video call, publish a website, send some emails, stream a movie, perhaps crunch some numbers… then left holding a bag of coins decreasing in fiat value might not be sooooo bad.



Holy crap! https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitconnect/

Down 88% atm… on the day!


Look at it positively: MaidSafeCoin is now ahead of Bitconnect. And at least Bitconnect gave us a song to enjoy.


Bitconnect is a Ponzi scam. The UK government threatened to close it down


Wow, I knew it was a ponzi scam n all but now that I’ve heard the song I’m definitely going to buy up as much as I can. Referral link anyone?


Lol @ song! Big. Red. Warning. Sign.

Greed must be an overwhelmingly powerful emotion in some people!


Yes I am aware of that. Probably why people are losing their money.


I don’t know a lot about Bitconnect, but I’ve read yesterday that the following funny video was a big warning for (some) people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsCBsJS4bWo&t=750s
edit: now the url of the original, unedited video


Yes, fear and greed motivate all people.


The preacher in that video, :joy: a school book example of every pyramid and mlm scam, they all sound the same, easy to detect.


Is this even real? It can not be, right? It not only beats Steve Ballmers Developers in awkwardness by miles, it plays in an entire different league. :joy:


This is how I learnt about pyramid schemes: https://youtu.be/DkYHNO2vNG4


Ladies and gentlemen, shockingly, Crypto world seems to have been slowly waking up from its clinical death number XXX.

Let’s celebrate!

The number of bankers who realized the possibility they’ll never see the desired BTC exit and that BTC may end up seeing their exit instead, one way or another?

Easy guess. If any got it today, they just can’t tell the rest.


Rapid about turn now the contract expired.
Im all for coincidence, if only it was not so opportune.