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I like stratis ardor golem longterm


Currently holding the following coins: xrp, req, ven, rdn, fct, bat, xlm, prl, omg, enj, fun, qsp, poe, maid, neo, xrb, ast, dent, and etc. I honestly believe in all the projects with the exception of DENT which I am hoping to flip for a quick buck :slight_smile:

I know XRP gets a lot of hate, but let’s face it…banks and government aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And it has definitely provided me the best ROI which gave me the seed capital to invest in other projects.


Kraken, the main Euro-Bitcoin Exchange, is almost 2 days in maintenance now instead of the promised 2 hours.
Notice in the status updates that the finish line is most of the times only a couple of hours away :carrot: :racehorse:
Latest update: cause of delay is apparently an elusive bug not encountered during testing.
EDIT: back online


Ive seen some mt gox comparisons but I highly doubt thats the case they have been getting some major upgrades so entirely feasible that it is all above board.


With $30 transactions, a trail of broken business models in its wake (due to high fees), and a 50% loss of market share in 1 year, Bitcoin looks like a joke today.

I really hope Lightning can turn Bitcoin around, but it may arrive too late, and may not be how people want to use crypto.

The SAFE network will overtake them all if it works out anyway :slight_smile:


Just reading this about the genius of the 2 token system on Factom.


I wonder if this is anything maidsafe should consider to make it easier for bussiness to use?

Effectively they have factoids which pay the federation severs. These are the coins that are speculated on all exchanges. But they also have entry credits which Factoids can be burnt to receive. 1 EC will always cost $0.001 for you to enter 1kb of data. This means the price of factoids doesn’t matter and whatever it is will mean the price of EC in dollars will always be the same. I’m not sure how they do price discovery but it seems a very clever way to get around the price volatility.


Back up and running, sure to the relief of many.


Still some bugs: order book data apparantly displayed incorrectly (many are virtual very rich), trading paused and withdrawal disabled for the moment.


I always go fiat -> exchange -> ripple -> exchange with maid -> maid

Ripple takes about 30 seconds usually although I typically ensure I have ripple on the second exchange ready so that I can do an immediate buy and sell instead of waiting.


They claim that the data is to be stored on individual people’s computers (“nodes” as they call them). People who provide their excess storage space/retrieve and send data are compensated in Substratum. Basically, this is a shameless blockchain-based copycat. Well, as one of my business professors once said, well stolen is half done.


I think Guybrows is talking about Factom Sotros25


Maybe there could be a webpage that shows step-by-step best (or all?) methods to buy MAID, continually updated to match what happens in reality. Would be a lot of effort, though, since it also depends on where you reside.


Cool beans. :slight_smile:


First CBOE futures contract expires tomorrow.
Bitcoin takes a tumble, coincidence? Market manipulation?


Possibly. Or maybe this.

The Chinese government plans to block domestic access to local and offshore platforms that provide centralized trading, according to Bloomberg


This will be an incredible boost for decentralised trading platforms that can withstand censorship.


Well, is that confirmed? The source qoutes “the people said”.
Question remains market manipulation? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Perhaps I am feeling a little too suspicious of the world today :joy:


We need one of those in the safe network :thinking:


Yeah, I always seem to see stories like this. No-one knows what the Chinese gov is doing anyway. I just came across the story as I was reading your post. Who knows if there’s anything in it or if it’s just an attempt to drive the market down?


Going to put out a guess here… I think bitcoin is going to bottom at $7774.57 - ish