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What is going on with clams!!

Is crypto going up because of 2020 approaching? No guarantee that 2020 will actually bring something substantial. But sometimes, all you need is a belief. And, if that belief comes true: well, 2020 is then an actual groundbreaking year, on top of it being a cool number. There always has to be substance to validate beliefs, in the end. Are there goals by a large number of projects for this to back up a potential rocket? Maybe I’m getting excited prematurely, considering it’s still May; and this is merely speculators rushing once again. I’m completely in the dark, though (and/because I only care about this project).


When in 2020 is it supposed to happen?

Not like January, right?

All this seems to have started too early. And seems completely manipulated so far, like going +$1k in a day… Twice…

Tether, Bitcoin halving, TA and some good news from business.

History only gives us a guideline, not a roadmap. It feels like some deep pockets have decided to beat the crowds. If we agree we are at or near the bottom, I suppose it isn’t a bad plan either!

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Wasn’t it over a year that the price increased from the 200-400 mark to 800 to 20K


Pretty much, yeah. It bottomed out around 200 by (I think) March 2015. It then hovered between 300 and 400 for abut a year. By May/June 2016 it suddenly jumped to 600 and kept slowly building towards 800 as the end of the year approached. New year, Japan and China jumped on, one thousand and then, Moon, Mars, Pluto.

Basically, the transition from a laughing stock to a force was pretty quick.


Hope this stops here


Don’t know much about those but jeez, LISK was supposed to be like ETH right? And OMNI wow how are all of these securities?

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What concerns me is that Bittrex delisted MAID due to securities concerns. (Correct me if I’m wrong on that)
Would be terrible if they too are working down a list and come to the same conclusion.


If i remember correctly, the securities issue was the rationale behind the delisting of SAFEX while MAID was over maintenance.


Funny when crypto drops and I see no activity in this thread-type; makes me think people are shakin’ in their boots, unable to type. This downward = correction/Friday? Still steam to go up? Continual sell-off?


so I looked up what Wikipedia says a security is and IMO I am like damn that could totally mean MAID. I mean I hate to say this FUDfull thing, but maybe someone can tell me why its not and put my mind at ease?

Bittrex delisted MAID because they were scared it is a security, same happened with that new exchange few months ago. They delisted after few months because they were scared it is a security.

so is the consensus this IS like a security and its only a matter of time before polo delists? Common someone come shoot me down on this like you do on everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

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Polo can delist it for US citizens only. And they did not delist it till now even when they were delisting many other coins. I think total delist on Polo has still low probability.


Bit of a stretch here but seeing as the bulls could do with some gas along with our beleaguered wallets let’s hope this is true as it will certainly fuel the markets.

yep I can still trade those coins from Canada :smiley: Just thinking a lot of our market share prolly comes from the US and it would suck if they felt like they had to dump now or HODL until reasonable laws came out. Ya it sounds like in the US a security is like anything you can trade that is not a use case in itself… although it seems like even a giftcard to Walmart would be a security under those rules and they let that happen :stuck_out_tongue:

ok since no one is lawyering up for the other side I will try: MAID is like a giftcard to buy safecoin which does have a direct use case as representing some storage space on a decentralized network. Yes the value varies based on market conditions, but if you were trading Walmart gift cards the price would also vary up to the actual cost of buying a new one. If you traded them for bitcoin the variance would be even bigger. The essential thing is they are redeemable for a specific amount of the directly usable product (the SAFE network) so unlike other crypto it is not reliant on a handshake we will value it because it represents something with direct use case value you can consume it for.

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Future atomic swap with MAID token.

EDIT Medium post directly: https://medium.com/orion-protocol/weve-been-quite-busy-here-at-orion-and-we-have-some-wonderful-news-to-share-with-the-community-d2c3af2d13b?fbclid=IwAR2tW5sfx1Ymn2y7baUzVbSnQ1cCnitEChTb38CVHmz_UmCF4alJ8ZgLq5U


what’s this Bitcoin SV all about? I hadnt heard about it at all until i saw i had some last week. Should I hold or exchange for BTC or BCH?