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I’m not sure. There seems to be a lot of very similar projects out there. The odd tweak here and there and its worth tens of millions. .com bubble all over again.


Factom is a data layer which can store documents and hash them to a blockchain. At the moment they leverage the Bitcoin blockchain and i think they will be also doing the same with Ethereum. Just before Xmas they did an AMA on their Reddit forum which revealed they had up to 30 customers on board that ranged from insurance, health and banking companies. At the moment they have non disclosure agreements with them so cannot reveal the names, but they will be revealing some of them in the first two quarters of 2018. They seem to be one of the only blockchain projects that’s actually got a working use case, and customers lined up. So I think Factom is a pretty solid project to invest in.

Here is the AMA:


Nice work. Is this just for a web browser or is there a mobile app?


yeah only web browser, so that it can easily work on everyone’s machine without installing anything.

Just bookmark your /Username link so you can always easily check your net worth in real-time


:heart_eyes: REP.
Another of my favs is Enigma (Six real world applications for Enigma).


Apparantly Substratum are a step ahead of Maidsafe. In closed beta testing


Don’t forget they are only storing the pointer to the data on the block chain. The data still has to be secured and stored in a traditional server. As far as I can tell. That’s the big defining different between data chains and block chains. Data chains secure the immutability of the data and actually stores it securely where as block chains secure the immutability of the data but still need to store the data somewhere.


@Guybrows If the last 4 lines of your post can be converted to a pictorial/video view, it will go a long way to the ordinary person in the street understanding a key feature of Maidsafe
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Yes I know. They are called federation and audit severs, and as far as I’m aware they are decentralised, but even if they are not the bitcoin / ethereum blockchain is and the fact the document / pointer is hashed to it means you can prove that the document is authentic and was hashed at a certain time in the past.

I obviously have high hopes for maidsafe doing all of this much better in the future, but at the moment factom works and is being used by companies, so I think it is a very useful platform.


I agree it will be the best option available now


Interesting to see how they scale if a lot of data was needed to be added to their block chain.


Is there any particular strong argument why bitcoin cash shouldnt be at least at the same level as bitcoin?


Someone knows how to get the exact price of a coin at a specific date and time on binance?


Transaction malleability not corrected, no segwit, no lightning network, … Bigger block is a short term solution that won’t scale in the long term.

First mover advantage plays also a role.


A step ahead? They have released no source code and may never open up some components at all. Conveniently, rumour has it that those chosen for closed beta are gagged from saying so by an NDA.

Evidence is a little thin on the ground for my liking.


This ibt’s post explains reasons why bcash is so different from BTC

I think that one of the principal points is how bcash was born. This fact could tell you a lot of the project


We really need a spit-take emoji…


From someone who bought Bitcoin in 2011 (and has followed closely ever since) be very careful of dismissing the potential of Bitcoin cash.


All these other projects built on blockchain tech, they are good ideas - good business ideas, and implementation wise at the moment the blockchain is the best thing available.

Should probably target these startups marketing wise, and give then the good reasons why they should start to prepare to move their business ideas on to the safenet when it launches.


Without lightning it is going to look like 9 year old tech, even if you ignore the centralizing effect of large blocks.
Lightning demo on Bitcoin mainnet