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I read on twitter that https://openweb.network has already built what Substratum promised.
Edit: not a lot of source code atm.


Looking at what’s happening now, it almost feels like it may have been for the best not to have been pulled too much into all the 2017 hype. Most of the newcomers have a lot to learn, have no patience, and little technical knowledge, which possibly would not have been a positive for the project at the time, especially with the market crashing in the last 12 months.

What hopefully will happen is that a lot of these projects like Substratum will plant the seed of a decentralised internet into many minds and when them projects fail, hopefully they will dig a little deeper and find Safenet which will be working or very close to working. It’s basically waiting for the newcomers to learn, mature and work out where the best projects are. For most of us, it was much easier to find Maidsafe when we got into crypto back in the early days because there wasn’t really any other projects offering the same vision.


And there there still isn’t any project offering the same vision.


Well maybe not completely, but there are many people that believe other projects visions are very similar. Elastos and Skynet come to mind.


Elastos certainly looks impressive on the surface, but when I checked it out I found it hard to get my head around how it all fits together. Maybe a bit overcomplex. Also it seems to have run into a few problems lately https://www.reddit.com/r/Elastos/comments/aqvdmj/elastos_an_honest_update/. Have you looked into it at all?


I have looked into it a few times, but not really deep enough to understand the technicals. On the surface it seemed more legit than substratum with what looked like a more informed community, but I don’t fully understand how they expect to build a decentralised internet with a blockchain and multiple side chains. I read that they are building some kind of clever operating system with a lot of the complex parts built into that, but until I understand everything better and more clearer, I’m staying skeptical.

Sounds like there are many unhappy community members in that link you posted. Not sure if that is due to poor communication (which can happen in good projects), lack of patience from community, or that it is just another shiny new project with not much substance.

Definitely one to keep an eye on.


Skycoin also building skywire (new decentralised internet) with meshnet…


Definitely poor communication. I don’t think it’s a scam (it’s been going for 18 years so it would be the longest running tech scam in history) but they may have overpromised on timelines and hit some unexpected difficulties.


Woah what’s the news with STORJ?



I don’t see STORJ as a serious and usable project.

It’s made its token swaps and rumour-run-ups but
some who checked the guts of this promising idea
from a developer’s point-of-view found it miserable.

I think there was a long & good article on medium…


I don’t know that much about Storj.
I remember however the following topic: Are Erasure Codes (Storj) better than Replication for the SAFE network?


There’s a lot of kumbaya articles for STORJ out there,
the sun never goes down… everything is positive…

However, I found the article I read a while ago,
it goes through several aspects of the project.

Even if some details have changed in the meanwhile,
it’s still an interesting read & point-of-view on STORJ


For your information, the reason for recent price spike is me selling about 10% of my portfolio just before. I’m not sure what is the exact causal mechanism, but I’m sure it’s there. :grinning:

Kind of funny when these sudden spikes are roughly the size of your sell. You look your portfolio two - three days after and it seems exactly the same. You get the feeling of a well filling to the usual level.


It’s true; one can always count on MAID
moving up precisely once a meaningful
sell happens. Take it as a wink to rebuy.


BAT seeing some nice moves up.

Very interested to see how that whole project does as they are making some nice moves and have a lot of credibility.


Enj coin up 600% in a few weeks because it’s wallet may be available in the Samsung phone. Imagine its price if it can actually do something


The market is so irrational. Decentraland(MANA) just announced HTC partnership last week and is up 20% since… Arguably the largest VR company just partnered with the oldest and most developed block-chain VR platform, let that sink in… Yet people FOMO into a unproven and undeveloped shitcoin based on a rumor, its insane!


I think it shows that the market is starting to get its appetite back. Six months ago, it was unlikely to happen. Now some curiosities are getting price spikes. I think we must be at or near the bottom of the cycle now.


Itchy fingers. Time for this year’s large buy?
Is bitcoin about to rally? I can’t be the only one asking, either I’ve fallen for some orchestrated news item and price spikes… or this is it. Can’t go any lower can it.