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This Factom run is pretty epic. Looks like the fomo is really starting to kick in now. Could have legs for a while yet.


Kept their mouths shut through the 2017 mania and gradually delivered/are delivering a useful product.

Funny thing that adoption, actually utility = value

…who would have thought ay :smile:


Yeah it’s one of my fav projects after SAFE. Seem very professional, and just worked hard to get everything working.

Once SAFE is launched i’m sure we will see many times like this.


Yeah, with Factom I feel like that is the first project doing something that is useful in a novel way, not just as a medium of exchange. That is very encouraging, regarding SAFE as well.

By the way, I first heard about Factom from this forum maybe about two years ago, but I cannot remember who it was - thank you anyway! Maybe it was you @Sonder? Anyway, do you have any other projects you think are worth a penny or two?


I heard about factom and maidsafe from Alex Fortin top 5 crypto to invest in, check it out , the prediction for Safe was huge , lets hope he was right.


Yeah the dude pretty much nailed most of his picks.

What’s more funny are the comments that followed from many of his followers being unable to get their head around his $600 prediction for SAFE (and a bigger number dwarfing that amount further along in the future).

Most get stuck on the idea how on earth can someone be talking about projections which require multi hundred billion or in some cases trillions in MC when the great almighty Bitcoin wasn’t there.

You would think the casual crypto enthusiast would research a bit out of curiosity from there but generally nope, just draw some more pretty triangles and buy some more Tron :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The other one I’m watching closely to see how adoption unfolds is BAT. The Brave browser seems decent and many are using it, I’m just waiting to see if the BAT token is used how they intend it to be.

Edit: I’ve read they have some big name companies in the pipeline to use the platform for adverts. Have to see if that happens.


I read yesterday Litecoin will have a halving next August, which could help it price wise.


$28M in the recycle bin

When your clueless what to do with value… (Lol scarcity creates more value)



Come on, you said you (thought you) knew. I asked. Now gimme what you got.

I have just read the riots may spread to Belgium (or they already have). If you know, or you think you know, you should definitely let it out – never mind a casual frown from the thunderstruck. You have nothing to lose anyway, agent Mulder.

EDIT: PM if you think someone could be bothered.


Oooooofffff … Look at that dead cat bounce.

I think we’ve exhausted the pool of buyers who want to buy at around $4,000 because it’s a better deal than $20,000.

Tighten your seat belts, were are going down… Next stop $800



Something to laugh about, kinda:


Factom, that I so much celebrated for keeping the spirits of my portfolio, lost about 50% of the top price that was about $ 14,60 a week ago.

Factom’s reddit is often having these very vague messages of “real world adoption”. Things happening, or maybe not, or some hints still… like this:

“Also retweeted this specifically saying it’s using the Factom blockchain , also with “@Factom #Factom #FCT $FCT” - and Linxens liked the tweet. Not proof, but seeing as the whole tweet was about Factom, I doubt they’d of liked it if this wasn’t using Factom ;)”


The Factom run maybe over for now, but there is no denying how important it’s going to be.

We just need to wait to see Entry Credit usage now and what other announcements come.

I’m predicting Factom will be one of the top projects of 2019.


Is It still worth to buy factom?


I would wait some, but buying around the current price level should definitely pay off in the future.


Filecoin sold all remained ETH this month worth of $17M .
Substratum did almost the same, but sold ETH worth of only $1M.


It isn’t really a ringing endorsement of Ethereum, is it? I can’t help feeling they will regret selling everything in 12-24 months, no matter what Ethereum’s long term future holds. It also levels the playing field somewhat for the distributed internet space.


Damn, yesterday I set buy order at set limits below the price at the time hoping they would fill and today Maid hiked =-( Ah well at least it’ll beef up to order book =-)