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Is it dead again already? :joy: Hilarious!


This is the single reason why crypto makes sense for trading. We get insane volatility that may look scary on the surface but in reality allows for unleveraged trading, so losses due to tail risk can be limited with 100% certainty to however much one is comfortable with. There’s still the risk of slowly bleeding out, but that is much easier to deal with than the sudden blowup over-leveraged positions lead to.


Black Goose?


What happens after unimaginable price highs? Unimaginable price lows?

A bitcoin drop from $20,000 down to $4,000 may have been unimaginable…

How do we all feel about the probably of it dropping unimaginably from $4,000 to $800.

Eight hundred dollars. I’ll bookmark this post incase we see $800 bitcoin.


$800? Not a chance!

$20k to $4k wasn’t unimaginable… going from history it was highly likely. If it drops any further I don’t think it’s going lower than $2k… at a push it dips it’s nose into the $1k range, but I think people will be selling everything they have to buy btc if it drops that low.

If you end up being right, $800 will happen so fast, by the time you’ve realised the price, logged in and placed an order it will be back above $1k, imo.

To me we’ve either seen the bottom in the last week around $3k, or we have one more leg down which will be in the $2k range. We settle for a good few months going sideways with which ever one of them bottoms we find, and gradually see it rise towards the end of next year, which will be roughly double whatever the bottom price was.

2020 will be a decent year seeing us close to $20k (unless ETF comes or some epic adoption, then it maybe double). SAFE Network is born and runs up to about $30 pre launch, settles about $10 post launch.

2021 is epic and it breaks $100k… maybe even $200k :wink: SAFE is in top 5 on CMC.

IMO of course :wink:


$1700 - $1800 is the lowest I can see it go next year… Unless something happens. What exactly? Something else :smile:

I agree 2020 should see a steady growth (from wherever the dip stops) and 2021 could be gigantic.

Or… What happens is… Something else.


Someone getting ready to diversify?


My opinion is that something will happen, unless something else happens instead…

Lol which is equally as valuable as any price prediction anyone can give, actually :joy:

Jokes / truths aside, it seems like only a few whales are playing the crypto game anymore. Like, when it crashes -25% in 1hr, that means it was one single person or single group doing it, right? Like the recent drops leading from $6300 --> $3700


What does this mean


I think it means, here come the institution, the finance folks, the exact thing bitcoin was supposed to remove. I also think the tactics will be brutal, helped by governments and extremely corrupt. It has huge similarities to the early internet and the feelings of freedom, then to be subsumed into controlled silos. I think bitcoin could head that way soon, yea it will be worth huge amounts, but be in the hands of the controllers once more.

Pessimistic, perhaps, aligned with recent history and experience, for sure. The kids have had time to play, some got rich, some burned, but there is money to be made here and the middlemen are still in place. Even miners, exchanges and many new funky projects have paved the way. Nobody cold have known, but as the internet centralised and was controlled then I fear bitcoin will follow the exact same path. Too much money chased by those with too much power.

I hope I am wrong, but I have seen this game before, it needs to be more radical and not able to be controlled. That takes work though and patience. Lets see though, it may all happen differently.


Hence an autonomous network. :slightly_smiling_face: Greedy, corrupt, and fallible humans.


My prediction for 2019:



Goooooooooo bitcoin​:muscle::sweat_smile:



That’s pretty funny. I’m not going to say I’m offended because I don’t want to take away from legit humor. I would like to draw attention to what she really is saying…and, more importantly, what is really behind the impetus in the French rioting…


What is she really saying then? The only thing I can say in French is “I’m sorry, but I don’t speak French”. And I understand even less.


The media would tell you it’s the gas tax, but the context is the climate change excuse being used to pillage the already highly taxed french. Her bitching is more situational about the police in that moment. All those things aside, the real reason that people are starting to protest in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. few would believe even if the divine told them to their face. I’ll let people figure it out in their own time. I might tell you by private message, but still, you won’t believe it. I’d just recommend paying attention, it’s going to get bigger, louder, and closer that anyone ever wanted. Crypto, albeit VERY important, is a sideshow compared to this. Think tunnels.



Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,
Its when things seem worse, that…
You must not quit

C.W. Longenecker


I think tunnels, but my skull becomes hollow. It’s great for hoo-hoo’s though. Now tell me what the hell is going on.


Start here: What’s up today?
I’m not going to give my deeper thoughts and opinions but just show sources or redirect to sources. People are giving me enough heat already because of the political implications. The Safenet Forum is a haven for liberal techies if nobody has noticed…