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…she couldn’t bear it


I didn’t get it.

She couldn’t bear what ?


The collapse ?



Enough ‘bearing’, more ‘bullying’ please :slight_smile:


You do know what Lightening Network is? The fees on there will be pretty much zero.

Just the security alone of Bitcoin gives it some big use cases (see Factom leveraging Bitcoin to secure the hashes of documents).

I don’t think Bitcoin is going away anytime soon. It’s just getting started imo.


I’m no expert on Lightning, but it didn’t exist a year ago when it was needed, and I have the impression it still isn’t ready for prime time.

I’ve never seen the option when withdrawing from an exchange, or sending BTC to use lightning.

If lightning delivers on its promise, it could enable Bitcoin to be very usable, but it seems to me that the same people who promote lightning led Bitcoin into massive congestion through their inaction up to 2017.

If I were building large scale systems, I’m not sure I’d trust the same people to deliver scalable infrastructure when staying ahead of the game (in terms of capacity / performance / price) is something they actively fought against in the past.


Lightening is still in beta, and is taking time to grow and provide enough liquidity to be used. Also they are of course cleaning up any bugs that are found.

You probably won’t see any exchanges use it for quite some time as the liquidity isn’t there yet. It’s not going to be used for big transactions… micro transactions and under $100 kind of payments should come first.

Just like SAFE is taking time to build and when launched will take time to adopt, Lightening is similar (just a hell of a lot less complex).

Yes, the developers could have done better and at least doubled the block size, but i think it’s wise to be careful when forking a decentralized network securing billions of dollars. Segwit has helped make the blocks more efficient and enabled lightening. It has taken a while to get most places to change to Segwit addresses, it’s going to take them a lot longer to start adopting lightening.

The thing I really like about lightening is that it’s going to allow payments in satoshis, which is what bitcoin has needed for a while. I really hope once it’s scaled up and robust, big social network sites allow tipping in them. Google, firefox, etc may need to do something like that to try and rival BAT and Brave.

There are already many merchants testing it as payment.


A retail payment rail is at the end of a list of problems that Bitcoin can solve.


In my oppinion it does not matter much that bitcoin tech does not scale well. No blockchain only solution can handle mass payments. But bitcoin compared to all other blockchain coins is and always will be no 1. History has already shown that even when every alt coin is technically supperior to bitcoin none can beat it in bull market and all dive much faster on bear market. If anyone asks me what is the safest bet to earn money in next 10 years I would tell him, buy BTC. Less than 1/100 of current alts will be there 10 years later. But BTC is a beast, it can survive like gold in our monetary system. Nobody is using gold for payments. Transfering gold is expensive. You have to move at least 1/10 of ounce. But still, gold is an asset which had simmilar value 100 or 2000 years ago. Nothing can compare to gold. I think BTC is a digital gold. Nothing more and nothing less. Of course SafeCoin market cap can easily beat BTC market cap in future, same like FIAT beat GOLD. But that does not mean BTC will die or become minor crypto. Humankind is about stories, believes, religions. What we think is valuable does not make sense to animals or isolated cultures. Evaluating BTC just from technical point of view is like ignoring power of religion because there is not god. Of course there is none. But it is not important. Important is that people believe in him. And this believe is what brings power/value to church.


Metaphysical statement alert.:rofl:
The Gideons are going to have to update the Bibles of the future with Bitcoin instead of Mammon.


Things are breaking…


Many share this opinion - the majority of Bitcoin’s community. I expect this will be Bitcoin’s downfall, as history also shows that technologies and businesses that fail to adapt fail to succeed in the long term.

Let’s revisit in 10 years time & see who was right… while racing our lambos from Safecoin profits :wink:

I disagree on this one as well.

Let’s revisit in 100 years time & see who’s right… while either not existing or racing heavenly lambos :wink:


And to add to your remarks and the comparison with belief and religion: the bigger religions are much older than 10 years. And also less popular in the more secularized parts of the world these days, so longevity is also no garantuee of survival.


If you buy the premise that BTC is better than gold (based on this article and related links above), perhaps the TAM in an ultimate bull case is global wealth, or around $400 trillion in 10 years. Imprecisely, if BTC takes just 2% of this TAM, it would have an $8 trillion cap, vs. the ~$150 billion it is now. If you have something that can potentially 50x, you must have 98% conviction that it’s not going to happen for you to not put money in.

Oftentimes, people look at investing in crypto-assets as this binary concept — do I invest given the asymmetric upside, or do I not invest because it’s vaporware that could go to zero? This is a false dilemma. The reconciler is simply a matter of sizing. One must ask themselves, is it worth putting a dollar into the space? The answer is undoubtedly “yes.” How about two dollars, three, four — and you go from there. We believe every well-balanced portfolio includes a crypto-asset allocation — and the only question is one of sizing.


Here comes the weekend dump… will we see less than $3000 BTC by sunday night?


Yes, it’s begun already. I think BTC comes to $3,5k.


Strange quote. Ps. Elettra Lambo. is officialy ‘unavailable’ atm: relationship with Afrojack, a Dutch DJ.
One of the few things I knew about Afrojack before this news was that he already owns a Lambo car. It will be difficult to top that, so maybe invest in something more useful :wink:


If we project things based on the last pre-halving cycle, it’s possible the price drops below 2K some time next year. Not much lower though. And when it starts increasing again, there will be no turning back.


Such a great time for day traders, they do not need leverage.

For $3000 it is too soon.

No bad news for Bitcoin only seasonal sale pressure.


This is relatively fiesty phone interview. I wonder what UBS’ real position is. FUD to get a better position like with tech in the 90s? Paul Donovan sounds like an elitist ass…or should I say arse?