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Which one do you like better?

Personally, I prefer the Trezor because it is open source :scottefc86:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


The reason for today’s decline

Privacy. Security. Freedom

:slight_smile: made me smile for a minute in this carnage.


Big crash of TerraUSD to $0,3
LUNA token - 95% to $5
Terraform Labs keep going to sell own Bitcoins to supports TerraUSD, as inflation of LUNA token does not work.


It’s a shame cause Terra Luna showed a lot of promise. I’m not sure they recover from this tbh but anything is possible. I might buy some Luna for the heck of it.


I still think we need a decentralized stable, this attempt failed. Some mistakes were made, Terra is a pretty big ecosystem and the combined desire to restore it will be pretty significant.
My hope is lessons are learned, improvements are made and it comes back stronger.

Nobody said it would be easy and I know algorithmic stables seem doomed to fail, some say that about other projects that I support too :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there’s a fundamental problem with pegged assets: pegs seem bound to break at some point and that’s unacceptable. Certain other projects may well design away from that kind of weakness? :wink:


In the future I think that will be bitcoin

LUNA hitting bottom as close to 0 as possible with 2 decimal space.
Just some speculation

Got my tin foil hat on again but is it a little convenient that a “stable coin” has collapsed in time for governments to offer “real” stable coins?


Portugal (propose) to start taxing capital gains on crypto.


Remains the option of non-habitual resident status (NHR).
Avoid paying taxes on foreign earnings for 10 years.


My hope is that they exclude capital gains on crypto from the NHR regime… though I’ll be resetting my coat basis in case they don’t.

With NHR, zero tax on interest earned on crypto for 10 years is a very nice tax break, even if the capital gains tax ends up being less generous.

The exemption from paying tax on foreign profits, in NHR status, is not changed by the possible taxation of cryptocurrencies in the general regime.
They are different laws.
A Portuguese tax advisor explained this to me when I raised this possibility.

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Do you think capital gains will be considered as foreign profits if realised on a platform in another country? If so, that makes NHR even more valuable. My thinking was that it might only apply to foreign sourced passive income (e.g. interest earnings) rather than capital gains.

My reading is that you’re only exempt from tax if you are paying tax elsewhere and there’s a dual taxation agreement between Portugal and the other country, on income or capital gains. I’ve only skimmed one website but it seemed fairly straightforward from the description.

Don’t take my interpretation though, get advice from an expert.

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The change, in the tax exemption for cryptos in the general regime, was something that was being considered in Portugal in recent years.

This is the reason why, the Portuguese tax advisor I consulted, insisted on the importance of joining the NHR status, as it was the way to ensure that crypto profits would not be taxed for ten years.


That’s pretty much right, except it only needs to be possible that you could be taxed at source, so where there is no tax at source, Portuguese NHRs get zero tax on foreign earned passive income (assuming dual taxation agreement with source country).

Unfortunately, reading here indicates NHRs currently still pay capital gains tax on ‘movable property’, which cryptos will likely fall under:

If that’s the case, NHRs will still be exempt from foreign earned passive income from crypto or other sources, but not likely capital gains on crypto, unless its somehow treaded differently than stocks/bonds etc.