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give it 2 years it’ll come back (probably?)


I don’t have Bitcoin myself, but even I have that unsettling gut feeling… if you don’t sell now, you might see sub $500 prices.


Well around $4K was around the 80% retrace which many say all good pumps eventually end up. So this point was pretty much always on the cards, just no one wanted to see it happen.

If you allow 90% retrace just because it was a huge pump then around $2K is possible. But @Zoki, $500 is going to be a Broadway gala performance.

When is the next halving?


When is the next halving?

End of may, 2020. For past halvings, the price turned up about six months in advance… which would be next November :slight_smile:



And of course maidsafecoin is more than a shiny coin, it has a future use and that is rare in this space.


Bitcoin bouncing up past $4000, scanning the forums it looks like people are jumping on board as they are happy to get the opertunity to afford 1 whole coin. $4000 is more affordable than $20,000.

Will this spark of a recovery? Not sure. Once everyone has stopped competing for their whole coin at this price area, I think we will see further drops.


Doubt we have a big drop like that without retesting the lows… probably a relief rally/dead cat bounce. I’d bet we won’t stabilize properly until both longs and shorts are scared.


I still don’t think anything more than $1,500 is truly sustainable, since that’s the range it was for a while before all the insane Ethereum ICO madness bubbling


I think that is a bit low - lots has moved on since then in crypto. I think 2-3k could be the low watermark though.


if Bitcoin drops to ~$1500 (which i believe will happen) it takes maidsafecoin down with it. Its obvious and its ok - Maidsafecoin is not Safecoin.

my question is: do you know how much maidsafe relies on maidsafecoin?
would a (very) low price at this moment affect the development of safenetwork in any way?

The comparision of todays situation to dot-com bubble seems to be reasonable, and after the crash back in 2002 many companies didn’t recover (which I wish will happen to most of the coins out there).


It would be interesting to see bitcoin lose its top spot price wise.(pre safecoin launch)

Could it happen? By what other coin? Imagine, if knocked off the top spot by an Omni asset.


I hope it does not happen and I think it wont.
Most of the people still think bitcoin is a scam. If they were told that Bitcoin is not that important anymore they would say “I told you so” and save more fiat currency for their retirement.
Doubt that any other coin would be able to build such a strong brand in the next decade.

The ideas behind bitcoin are great, I think we should try to keep them alive.

SAFE Network in Ralph Breaks the Internet!

From a technological point of view, in the next 5 years, we will be able to see whether the close group consensus is better than blockchain. If it is there will be a mass migration to the SAFE network and one of the few public blockchain that will survive is Bitcoin.

There is only one gold that preserves value (silver will never become gold). There is only one Bitcoin in the minds of the people - Bitcoin…


David addressed this question here:


I really hope ‘we hold crypto’ doesn’t refer to things like tron, electronium, and funfair.


I believe it’s almost a certainty given time.

Bitcoin is an irrelevance to most people & that shows little sign of changing.

If any crypto ever becomes relevant to a large portion of people, it will displace Bitcoin.

Safecoin has the best chance of achieving this of any project I’m aware of, but I don’t think MaidSafeCoin Omni asset is likely to topple Bitcoin ahead of network launch.

Bitcoin could somehow become relevant to many, but I don’t think it’s flexible enough to maintain a long term lead. Though I could be wrong :slight_smile:


My observation has little to do with price, but the fact is, most people don’t think Linux has any relevance to them. Still, most use Android phones, just as an example.


That is true. Linux does have relevance to many people, including those like me, who will use Android but wouldn’t use Linux as a main OS.

Do you see any analogous applications for Bitcoin?

I don’t think many people will utilise a blockchain that has set a precedent for sky-high fees in times of high demand to build anything that requires dependable and low-cost use of a public blockchain.


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