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UK rates got raised today…


Santa rally RIP

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That’s them just pissing in the wind, imo. The tidle wave of inflation is unlikely to be stopped with such a gesture. Wake me up when they start unwinding QE (which they can’t/won’t).


It would be fun if with DBC we could copy entire blockchains, that could be minted whenever the privatekey holders feel like it, sorta like forking.

It would give, free, private tx’s and NRS to send coins/tokens to on SN.


The biggest vampire attack against UniSwap (after SushiSwap) has begun. It raised $ 40 million in a few hours (it will last until February 25):


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You reaaly like HEX. I give up. Gogo @Dimitar spread HEX to the world!!

I see that you still do not understand, friend…

There are people in this forum who are not Safe Maximalists and have bags of other tokens. I really like these people. Why?

Imagine someone becoming a millionaire from something other than Safe. What is the probability that this person is selling something he loves (Safe) and what is the probability that he is selling some other shitcoin? Which do you think is better for Safe?

Would you be so kind to silence this topic and not watch it, since you are one of those people who do not speculate on other things? :thankyou:

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If you really think HEX and SAFE is the same thing for getting money, I dont want to talk you too.

Freedom without honor is shame. I dont blame take money from blockchain projects, but at least I know know how risky it is to promote a particular coin.

Hex made x10000 in 2 years. Where are the victims? Did you know that you can sell $ 1 million in Hex and you will move the price down by only 2%? I wouldn’t be so sure it’s honourable to offend something with 100% uptime, completed and working from day 1!

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JFC, I thought I was ruthless.

If I sell my Maidsafe, then 99% of the price will be gone, so is SAFE a scam?
The trading volume and price is not important, the core is code.


Hex is no public code. Without the code, there’s no reason to judge, so how do you know if this project is good or bad? It is impossible to even determine whether this is a scam or not.

I don’t care if you make money with this project. But if you want to introduce a project, at least bring a project that is open source.


Friend, the Hex Smart Contract is a completed product from day 1. There is no code development. It’s completed. The smart contract is visible on the blockchain and it is completely open source:

The Hex contract has 3 audits and has been working without any problems for 2 years. Like any successful product, there are even vampire copies - one has a locked ETH for $ 150 million and is a total failure …

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That code is just for ERC-20 token generating code. And It is not the code what I mean. But good luck.

Wow you keep that many coins on the exchange why not put them on a Trezor??

I’ve got a couple small bags of ERC20 tokens that haven’t been doing anything for a year that I might throw at this.


Been reading more about PLSX, and the PLS sacrifice. 14 billion (90% most likely from RH himself) was sacrificed for PLS. I think we can expect similar numbers for PLSX.

problem is, that’s what the marketcap of PLS or PLSX has to reach, just to break even on your sac. Actually more, considering the minting of bonus tokens for early “investors.”

The upside is not as big as Hexicans think.

Feel blessed, you will have the opportunity to understand why Marketcap is a stupid number and that it means nothing. But of course I don’t have a crystal ball, I only play with banitsa money in anything other than Safe!

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It may be a stupid number…it still carries a lot of clout in the investment world.

My opinion is that only the number of current speculators matters for the price of the token compared to the number of future possible speculators. About 80k people donated to Pulse. 200 million people will receive the biggest airdrop in history when Pulse launches. Even if 1-2% of these people decide to join the game, the market cap can reach ridiculous values…

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Ok. I’m just a little skeptical that a project that most of the crypto world views as a scam can reach a “stupid number” that the 10 biggest monopolies on earth combined can’t reach.