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Not enough to make any comments, I am just starting to look into it but economics is not really in my wheelhouse.
I do know it has gained rapid use by general public in South Korea, I think Thailand to a degree.
They have a basket of stable coins UST being the biggest.
It is getting a lot if attention and growing fast, perhaps take a look.
The Terra Blockchain with Do Kwon


The stable coin goes by Terra, does it not? Hence US(T). I’ve have been reading about it the last couple weekends out of interest for Safe Network.

Edit: Didn’t see your most recent post. It’s very cool though isn’t it?

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Yes Terra, it is definitely interesting and while I am still trying to wrap my head around it properly, I feel that I already trust it more than USDT but I’m still learning too.

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Just what I’ve gathered in my spare time reading about it, it’s like it is stable from a combination of Automated Market Making (AMM) for arbitrage stability and also the burning and minting of the supply.

Algo stable coins have existed in the past but haven’t been as successful as Terra. Either they would flop or be a hybrid with a treasury.

I think Terra’s concept works and have been waiting for a good algo stable coin on the market because it will be far easier once we have that tooling on SN for the average person to launch a stable coin/token that isn’t volatile and better as a medium of exchange. Something I think artists will need to feel comfortable accepting as payment :wink:
Of course, I don’t know how to code up a Terra copy cat so it would have to be a joint effort, community effort, partnership, or whatever but point is I’m very interested and trying to learn as much as possible.


If it does what it says on the box, stays pegged, scales, decentralized to the point that governments can’t come knocking (not right now but they appear prepared and plan to dissolve any company involved in its creation)
It could be huge.

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Need DAO’s and algo stable options on SN and then no one can stop the people.

I agree that it’s becoming a major concern that government bodies might come after companies. I think they are playing boogie man but know it’s unstoppable or their actions will lead to what will be unstoppable but they I guess are trying to save face or make a last ditch effort. Regardless the cat is out of the bag so I’m not overly concerned, most certainly not once we have SN.

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Hmm not so sure about HEX. Have you read this article?

Also read the comments. Some of the facts presented in the article seem incorrect, but to me it is alarming enough not to invest more. What happens if this guy dies, or wants to cash out? It is built up around him.

I own a small bit of HEX and am staking them, but when my stake period is over I will change them back to ETH.

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DERO is performing very well and has a very interesting use case. I think Antifragile pointed this out, but he is no longer on this forum.

See Dero price today, DERO to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

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Sometimes the high fees are just a way how to send big amount to specific miner, but this might be real error due to testing new eip 1559 london fork gas limits.
Bitfinex probably lost 7,676.6ETH

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Does anyone know what the Wrapped Filecoin on Ethereum is used for? There are only 105 Holders …


Privacy. Security. Freedom

Always liked this idea to reduce spam. Also like the idea of a security deposit. Maybe something Maidsafe can consider?

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Are you still following? Columbus-5 upgrade just about complete. It looks like there may be an explosion of UST incoming.

  • Polkadot bridge, I think follow them too?
  • Cosmos and all IBC chains. (My pet blockchain crush)
  • Solana
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Was just reading about. I’ll follow them on the old tweeter. Thanks Josh

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A great conversation with Willy. He’s saying there are lots of Alt coins that are not scams and should be respected. Calling all of Crypto scammers is absurd and narrow-minded.


Definitely not all, but 99% are half baked ideas, clone of other projects, excuses to create a coin out of thin air, dumb concepts that would work better on mysql or outright scams. Still 1% out there that have some merit…

Did you listen to Willy’s reasoning?

I did, that’s why I don’t call them all scams, it’s just not great ideas or just not feasible ones.

Personally don’t think crypto alts have anywhere to go from here, there will be new technologies that will revolutionize things, maid is one of them!

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