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Buy in to weakness sell in to strength, and accross multiple investments.


This is pretty crazy


Using one of the best time-tested analyses for long-term valuations, $1,000 it totally reasonable. It is by far the most bearish view presented here and would likely be just a quick visit on capitulation from the $3,000 range, but from both a TA charting and a fundamentals POV, there seems to be some valid potentiality to it.


People have to remember where this bitcoin boom started and how massive it has been. I thought the ceiling wouldn’t be far off 6k, never mind the floor. Going back to 1k or so is not all that crazy.

However, maidsafecoin had a relatively modest boom and feels relatively good value. Bitcoin may drag coins down with it, but maidsafecoin will become a complete/crazy bargain if it went back to pennies.


I suspect the Bitcoin boom had a lot to do with the Tether issue and all of those MLM crypto scams paying out their investors in Bitcoin, until the scammers disappeared with the majority of funds invested as well as a FOMO. It will be interesting to see what the next triggers to a price rise will be. My guess is an equities bear market and sinking confidence in the US dollar causing a global recession/depression. You can only print money for so long


Those are interesting observations. But I’m really a fan of citing sources. I’m guessing this is it:


Thanks. I didn’t have a source, it was just something I read in another forum that someone posted.


I was just noting the headlines on Bitcoin. The media, worldwide, in every language, is piling on a full-throated blitzkrieg against Bitcoin. Either someone at the top is scared and wasting a lot of money, or massive institutionally-funded articles are pushing prices down so institutional positioning can take place. 1995 was the same, artificially-manipulated negative investor sentiment, then $5T into stocks from 1995-2000.


I guess we will begin to see more news like this - regarding both exchanges and “projects”

[Aphelion Disables Mainnet DEX]



the only SAFE solution remains DEX on top the SAFE Network…


A distributed, autonomous, exchange with anonymous owners seems to be the only way. Satoshi was right to be paranoid when it comes to competing with governments for control of money.


Governments lost control of the money a long time ago. The question is: who controls it now?


Well, in terms of narrow money, it’s regular banks. They create most of the liquid money in the world through handing out loans, which is money form thin air, backed by little more than wishful thinking.

In a broader sense, those who own real estate: lands, houses, malls, all kinds of buildings.

In an even broader sense, those who own stocks and, even more, derivatives. They play with more money than anyone else.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert but that’s what I gather.


This is so true! I and another member of the SAFE Network Chicago meetup group competed (and placed :slight_smile:) in one of Factom’s Hackathon’s a couple of months ago. It was a bit of a fact-finding mission re: the tech and logistics of hosting a hackathon. What Factom is trying to do is great, but SAFE would pose a dramatic improvement.

On a side note, I think it would be great to have some SAFE Network Hackathons as well. For example, a series of Hackathons in cities with meetup activity, culminating in a final round at SAFE DevCon 2019 would be pretty amazing, I think.


Currently only maid is green in my 36 watchlist cryptos


Factom is too. Still pushing up, although with much more resistance.

Bitcoin just broke below $4k.


Wow, I have been waiting for $4k for the last 6 months or so but never expected to see it dip below


So, ummm… Who bought / didn’t sell at $20,000 :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I wish i sold everything at $18-$19k range instead of 15% or so


How 'bout them apples…