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Unexpected change is exactly whats needed in some cases to stop the parasites making alternative arrangements

If safe network was built like the state and its taxation system, it would never work. The ownership model would be broken, privacy would be a bug, consensus would be impossible to reach and it would be decades late, out of date and prone to breaking down.

We need money to be created like safe coin. Pay the producer. Why can’t money be created with a certain percentage allocated to useful actions. 5 percent to education etc etc. Instead the banks have this strange monopoly. Programmable money is needed.

Simple - the powers that be don’t want it. It isn’t a technological or process oriented problem. It just isn’t in the interest of the establishment.

It is better that a token from a distributed network becomes money, rather than trying to change the existing money. The latter is is lost cause.

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I find the idea of transfering the idea of pay the producer and pay the network maintainers intriguing when transferred to the physical world. If anyone knows of any reading material about that idea please let me know. I’m sure it must of been mooted in the crypto space by others.

Pay the Provider - look at how Youtube operates.

There is pay the youtube owner for uploading videos. On the surface it is paying for views, except youtube has perverted the process somewhat.

But if you ignore the complexities youtube does, it is based on pay-the-provider. (income is from advertisers providing the money, youtube takes its cut and the uploaders are paid based on #views)


I was thinking more about having money which has the cost of services such as education, infrastructure, healthcare built in. So when a new coin is minted a certain percentage is given to those services. This idea must of been discussed by academics in the space before?

Our state used to have “Golden Casket” where people bought the tickets and winners in each level were chosen by random from the ticket serial numbers. It was a regular thing, and the profits of it went to the public hospitals to pay for their total operations. It worked for decades till the feds brought in universal health care. There was also one version specifically to fund the children’s hospital.

In this case the winners got money and 100% profits went to the public hospital system.

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Doge coin… Going up in BTC price, MAID going down in BTC price.

What is going on…

Short term maybe I should swap a little maid to doge, but I don’t see the sence.

You don’t know who is looking to buy. With the testnets it is very risky to play this game, because tomorrow the price may make x10 and never more see a MAID below $ 1.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I’ve doubled down. My investment has gone from a reasonable late model used car to new mid level SUV. I am not selling


I don’t think we will see a big rise with only one decent exchange. I hope I’m wrong though.

It might actually be a good thing though. If we don’t have a working product before the great crash of 2021 comes then we will likely see the price tank with all other coins. That would be a great buying opportunity as the project is and will likely continue to be de risked .

Closing options on Deribit as main Bitcoin price movement last few months ?

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Let’s see if May reaches the target. If it is we can reasonably assume the whales control the market

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What are peoples’ thoughts on staking ETH? Obviously losing access to sell it for likely a couple years is a downside, but it’s still relatively risk-free gains (as risk free as crypto can be).

In DOGe we Thrust
To another M class planet :vulcan_salute:

Got a message from a mate saying he knows someone who made 100k of these:

What the actual f**k? Pun intended! :crazy_face:


Speak the language of the masses I suppose.

But what is novel about it? Just another meme/fad?