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I see what you mean now. I got a notification from them during the ETH dip this morning that my loan to value ratio got up to 76%, and at 83% they would start liquidating…problem is, my LTV ratio never actually got up past 45% according to market charts.

Exiting ASAP now.

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The problme is charts show just realized trades. But when you are in leverage, you can be liquidated because there are not enough buy ordders at high enough price. If there is only 1 BTC of buy orders at some price level, and there is 10 BTC of orders to be liquidated at that price, then the algorithm has to lower the calculation for the remaining 9. So with leverage 1:2 you can be easily sqeezed even if the price drops by 30% only. The buy orders volume tells the whole story.

EDIT: check Kraken charts from yesterday, there were 1 minute drop on EHT to $700, similar happend on LTC and BTC there. Lack of buy orders that would match leveraged acconts caused liquidation and people there lost all they had.


I see. Didn’t know that. Thanks.

I think I’m falling in love with Cardano :heart_eyes:.

Am I the only one?


Looks like Solana just got listed on Bitfinex. Let’s hope MAID is soon to follow.


I don’t think I’m the only … I myself am also in love … While Maidsafe takes out product … it has me entertained … it was a crush at first sight, but it is meeting my best expectations !!!

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Any further advice, predictions or thoughts on Cardano as many are expecting huge things from it in the near term?

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Well I mean the sky is the limit. Cardano is now the largest venture capital organisation on the planet and it’s completely decentralized and self governed and despite what anyone says I don’t even think that was planned I think it was just a consequence of their ability and their roll outs.

They were the first to prove a secure PoS.

They seem to have struck the right balance between decentralisation but also proper organisation.

From what I am seeing they are steamrolling ahead at incredible completely unmatched pace.

I expect them to overtake many in the space.

It seems to be a perpetual motion machine of sorts.


I agree with the majority of that which then leads me to two selfish concerns:

  1. $6 cardano catches ether (which is not that great of a return) because the supply is so massive and I’ve just always hated huge supply tokens.

  2. Has the stuff that cardano has accomplished and looks to accomplish going forward put maid in a tougher spot to succeed?

You can’t beat Freemium. Safe can be earn with normal hardware. The token has the potential to become the money of humanity. All the other things that push from top to bottom don’t stand a chance…


I dont know the answer to your second question, but as for the first, I think a marketcap of current ETH values is conservative. By the next bull cycle, I expect it will be challenging BTC marketcap…pending MAID’S effect, of course. Besides that, it has already done a 60X or so in the last year. I think even a 6X for a coin that is already in the top 5 is a pretty great return. :wink:


I guess the whole price discovery game is how much are these projects really worth and for something like ethereum, they are still trying to fix issues that shouldn’t have been there to begin with considering how new the system is. My hope has always been that maid will have an ether like explosion at some point, except the tech will actually be what it was meant to be.

I guess for now I’ll have to try to suffer with 5-15x ADA and ETH haha

MAID certainly has more upside. My hope is that Cardano and Safe can work hand in hand, cause IOHK has a lot of great minds backing it.

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I agree. ETH it will sley and it will absolutely challenge Bitcoin. The tech is there, team is there, it’s smashing through its roadmap roll-out, has an inbuilt voting system, allows multi assets and it helps that Charles likes to talk.

  1. Agree but OK for me.
  2. I don’t know.

Mary has happened for Cardano.

Short explainer vid.


Does this mean we could have cMAID on Cardano?

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I have put the kiss of death on Cardano by buying some. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have an unblemished track record of things going south after I buy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: