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The manipulation of BTC and Ethereum prices by the main exchanges is incredible. If they aren’t careful they could kill the golden goose

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Eh I would not freak out over a retrace to the 5-6k usd range. I prefer slow steady growth rather than these crazy highs and financial ruining crashes. Plus I would like to pick up a few coins around that range with some powder.


So, the crypto tweet business is going well. Crypto tweets are a popular consumable topic it seems.
Of the 46K impressions 34K are of market price information with the safenetwork logo.

This means 34K pairs of eyeballs have seen something like this, with price movements
of a coin with exchange rates to standard FIAT, but also BTC and most importantly
MAID. That and the logo at the bottom should spark a level of curiosity.
I hope that people who see bitbot tweets find themselvs on this forum, if so, join and
say hello and let me know its working!!!


Followers are hard to get, the number of followers is creeping up but I am not sure how many
of these are going to be bots.


As the follower numbers do go up… they ill be on the reciving end of a hard hitting re-tweet campaign
of every friday update.


Retweet interactivity looks strong though.

Build an informative, yet effortless, price market service… and they will come.
And when they do, I hope they discover SAFENetwork.


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$GBP coin. Ouch. May reach parity or sub $EUR coin.


So… My bot can tweet, output to telegram.
Collect exchange trade data. Build charts.
It can now calculate market indicators.
I’ve reached the exciting part now, designing the machine learning experiments on the above data.
I do have one question…

Do any experienced traders here know how to measure trading volume? Is there a measure? What is considered a good trading volume.

I want to train my bot on a fair market, not one moved by a couple of trades.





Is there a link where they aren’t harvesting personal data?

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Only if it goes lower, its been here in the last few weeks and rose again. This is not even the time for the steady rise towards halving.

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Looks like that substratum project bit the dust, one “decentralized web” project that has failed, supposedly they released a buggy node after 2.5 years:


No doubt the guys at the top of this had a wonderful time. When I first saw it, it didn’t pass my “gut feeling” test


Yeah apparently the head of substratum group is a 4 time convicted felon. Crazy they raised like $14 mil, what a huge loss for the funders of that effort. Compared to MaidSafe which raised like 7 million(but dwindled to 6 because of master coin flop) goes to show at least how well MaidSafe has been at managing money to sustain as long as they have. Fingers crossed our little team delivers on some goods and come out on top :+1: .


It was a bit worse than that for us £3.3 million from the crowdsale. The mix of mastercoin and then immediate bitcoin deflation in price hit us with a double whammy. Lucky for us we are pretty good at managing the money we have. No fancy parties or huge wages/bonuses for us. We are on a mission and I think this is key, the fundamentals and vision are key for us and we mean them and live by them. It makes us stronger in many ways, but does mean we have to be ever diligent which is a good thing, but makes the journey a bit harder. I feel it is worth the pain/pressure of managing resources though. It keeps us lean, but sometimes it would be great to have more funds to be able to sub-contract some things and so on, or just go to loads of presentations/talks and conferences. However I think getting the job done is more important, so we limit all of that, probably too much, but we need to work like this. As we say here we work with what we have and work hard.

Updates make it easy for us to validate what we are doing weekly and I wish every project in this field did likewise.


Thanks for the insight, most articles have it a bit wrong then in their info on MaidSafe in the early days. Fully agree that learning how to run lean in these small startup years will pay off later when yah deliver on this network and a great chance larger funding becomes readily available through a variety of means.


A timely reminder that market cap can be completely driven by hype in crypto… Or at least it could be during the boom.

It was obvious to a lot of folk that substratum was promising the earth, without much evidence of how they would get there. Quite the contrast to Maidsafe, who always appeared to have a strong grasp on the goals and the technicals to get there.

I think we are now seeing the projects with quality shot through them starting to deliver. Those without are starting to go to the wall.


My skill seems to be finding the ‘real deal’, and David and Maidsafe are without doubt that. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with them and this community.

Thanks David. Thank you very much.


$1.00 for 11,000 impressions.
Best price for an advert ever.

*number of conversions : Zero


Another web 3.0 project: