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Something happening?

These crazy pumps are what make TA look so useless, in this sector. Can never tell what will happen


You never can, no matter which market…

Let me qualify that. You can’t predict the things that matter. It’s not hard to be right in most cases but what good it is if the few times you’re wrong you’re wrong too much? Which is exactly what happens with financial predictions.

He’s at it again


If he wants to keep his promise, then I understand he’s getting nervous :hotdog:


Don’t worry about Johnny boy, he has enough dough for all the crack he needs and if not, he’ll just shill some coins for $100,000 each as usual–though I’m not sure that business is still booming.

Yeah, but he has his dong at stake now. While dough could get him repaired through surgery I suppose, nobody in the world wants to go through what he would have to go through if the BTC price was anywhere south of 1 million by December 31 2020. 999 999 USD would hurt the most I guess.

EDIT: In case “the crack” was an intentional double entendre (a brutal one btw), my apology.

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IDK about all that. Unless there was a titanium clamp with a dead-man-price-switch on it or something, it all just sounds like bull hype to me :stuck_out_tongue:

what the heck man, he’s not legally bound by that idiotic “promise” :rofl:

His is already speaking of delegating part of the promise to someone else.


So… Trump is just a gateway freak.

You bet a million bucks he is not. Law is lawless in this case. But John is a man of principle (and with a gun and with gunmen and with working girls who get tired of chewing fruit-flavored gums all the time).

Ehm. He’s a crack head. He’s funny as hell but I wouldn’t trust him with a 20yo Toyota.

Of course, if you consider “gimme $100K and I’ll say your shitty scam coin is the best investment” as “having principles” then I’ll have to agree because then yeah, he’s a man of principle.

Also, the law does not apply. Just as you can’t be forced to testify against yourself.

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Irony :shushing_face: :nauseated_face::shushing_face:

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He is kinda like a virus in our system.

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There we go again. Bitcoin falls 5% and most everything else falls 10%. Is this what they call a buy opportunity?

This is either spec/fud that tether is in trouble. I’m buying slowly. There may be a lot of people in tether who are wondering what to do with it. If the trouble is real, then a lot of sideline ‘cash’ may go to zero awfully quickly… I don’t anticipate a real snapback though… just the back end of a transaction transferring wealth from those who held tether to those holding the real deal.

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Installing McAfee rn to get rid of it :rofl:


anyone heard news about iota and jaguar? pretty big right… and today there will be another one about patnership with austin city transportation- The presentation will include a special announcement on the IOTA Foundations recent progress with the City of Austin, and the future that the IOTA Foundation is working to create in collaboration with the City of Austin. . Seems like a chance to earn money but not sure if its a pump and dump or a HODL

Has the Co-ordinator been permanently removed yet? No?

Turn the volume up Starsmick…Pump it, LOUDER, pump it LOUDER :wink:

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why would any big corp want to partner with them if there is any issue with the protocol?
Im not sure if the project is promising or just a pump and dump therefore asking here…