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People are Cardano crazy.

What is already useable from that ecosystem overview?

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With 188 in the development team Dfinity must have had serious money bags. Also to pay for the listings on exchanges and global marketing pre launch


Looks like bitcoin is going to take a longer breather before cracking 60k. Doge and the gang also have big falls.

Let’s hope it gives some space for MAID to bounce back.


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I found some nice summary how the Nano currency change anti spam protection with new V22 release.
The old version had Proof of Work where each transaction need some work before sending it, while nodes can increase difficulty which means, that more work has to be done, to be approved straight away. While some nodes were weak and some powerful it did not work as it should.

So they come up with priority of transactions based on balance after sending it.

Incoming blocks (transactions), that are valid/checked are allocated to 129 buckets, by account balance after transaction

A valid block, has to have a confirmed previous block . So if account sends 2 blocks, without waiting for confirmation, than block 2 is not valid, until block 1 is confirmed. And only after that, block 2 is added to bucket.

Each bucket has separate sorting, by account.modified_at (LRU - Least Recently Used). So accounts, that have not been used recently, have higher priority. As most users don’t send transactions every second, they will have almost always priority over spam.

Global block confirmations - " elections ", or in other words, communication between nodes which blocks will be confirmed, happens in Active Election Container (AEC).

Best blocks by priority , are picked equally from all buckets, until AEC is full. Last info I saw, on launch of v22, AEC should be 50000 blocks big.

AEC and priority sorting ensure (mostly), that all nodes are voting on the same blocks, which increases CPS, and lowers required bandwidth.

If a block is not confirmed by network up to 5 minutes (nodes are not voting on the same block), it is removed from AEC and put back to bucket.


And he is working with Doge devs… here is how active they are.

I have lost all respect for the guy.

Yes bitcoin needs to work at going green but he is playing games and his stunts are bs.


Musk only needs Bitcoin to boost his otherwise flagging quarterly profits.

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I can see the rationale. I’m famous and have huge influence. How many multiples can I pump bitcoin? Not many but if I buy doge at 0.005 I can then pump that to…err the moon! Many multiples.

I saw his mother post a Doge cookie recently, presumably home made, ffs!

This is why rules like accredited investors exist.
Pisses me off that people need to be babied but it is clearly required.

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Yeah, he must need the money. The man is in cuckoo land


I never followed celebrities like this Musk character. I just thought he was some rich dude who possibly smoked too much dope. I’m also not an economist, but I talked to a friend of mine the other day who is. Apparently Musk has trouble handling his billions and has been close to bankruptcy several times. That makes me think he is not just kidding around but is actively manipulating markets and swindling newbies in the hopes of making more money. To me that means he is not in cuckoo land, but rather in nasty person land.


“This Musk character”? lol. He’s a modern day Nikolai Tesla drastically changing the world. I’m not excusing his potential market manipulation, but he’s a highly intelligent guy who actually knows what he is talking about from a technical perspective. He knows material science, computer science, and aeronautical engineering/Astro physics. He’s definitely a genius.

I don’t know about him almost going bankrupt, but I do know he is a highly ambitious entrepreneur, and they sometimes do have failures that bring them to the brink of bankruptcy quite a lot. In any case, he’s the richest man in the world, sometimes, when the market swings his way (or against Bezos’ way), so he seems to be doing fine with his $150B.

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Who does she think she is? The Queen of Shiba!?



This claim, that Musk is the riches guy based just on his shares in Tesla is at least quesionable. Simply his shares are not liquid. He can’t sell them without dumping their value heavilly. He has to anounce that he wants to sell them many months in advance. Such rummor will dump the price. Purchasing power of Musk is way way lower than of Bill Gates or Buffet. Gates has very broad portfolio of many different assets. He can easily sell them for many billions of CASH. It is much much easier for anyone else to cash out his Tesla stocks than for Musk.


Why is this coin making the news?

Next pump target?

There are several of them piggybacking off of the Doge craze…Dogelon, Akita, couple others. All have seen the pump. They have sometimes hundreds of trillions of circulating coins, playing off the psychology of newbie investors who like seeing millions or billions of coins in their portfolio.

I just hate his lies and hypocrisy. Didn’t know how much fossil fuel energy Bitcoin used - lie.
Won’t use Bitcoin as payment method for Tesla cars but will buy and keep Bitcoin for propping up dismissal financial results (hypocrisy).
And does anyone know how many cars were sold using Bitcoin as the payment method?
Why Bitcoin fell so far after the tweet is a mystery. Most know its a store of value not currency

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Yes, he really is a genius in so many ways. His greatest fault, though, is his failure to appreciate the wide-ranging affects of his whimsical, impulsive nature. When you have 49 million followers on Twitter who follow your every shrug and smirk you best be careful what you say because it can instantly turn into a promotion.


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